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Why Don't You Espresso Yourself?

By Everemma
Why Don't You Espresso Yourself?
Today, I'm sharing my slice of the web with Alison from Espresso Yourself. Espresso Yourself is a lifestyle blog with content related to beauty, fashion, recipes, DIY and much, much more. I love reading Q&A posts, especially when they start to make me think about my own blogging journey and goals. I'm hoping this Q&A will not only introduce you to a great blog, but will also make you think a little bit more about your blogging journey. 
1. Who was the blogger that made you think that you could probably do this whole blogging thing too?My number one blogger inspiration I think will always be Taralynn Mcnitt. She's a lifestyle/fitness blogger, and her positive attitude and story is really so inspiring. I've been following her for about 5 or 6 years now and I've seen her grow in so many ways. She also started her own clothing line with THE cutest clothes. When I look at her blog it is everything I want mine to develop into one day.
2. What blogs do you read for guidance and inspiration when it comes to your writing and blogging?
One blog that I always turn to when I need guidance and inspiration is Helene in Between. Helene covers everything you need for your blog, and  I also recently joined Helene's blogger community called Blog Boss Babe. I definitely turn to this community and site when looking for guidance.
 3. How do you get inspiration for your posts?
I really try not to ever force myself to write, so sometimes it can be hard when nothing is sparking. I always go to Pinterest, or check out some of my favorite bloggers and see what they've been posting about to gain inspiration if I'm totally stuck. I'm always googling those "100 blog post ideas" posts that some bloggers do though.
 4. What is you favorite kind of post to write?
I love just writing life updates about what's going on with me currently. It's such a toss up with those because I sometimes feel like there are all these "blogger rules" and you need to post what's going to get clicked on. It's hard for me to imagine that someone would enjoy reading a post on my day-to-day life so I don't always do them. That's something I'm working on!

 5. Where do you see your blog in 5 years?
I would love to eventually work my blog to becoming my full time career. I currently work in digital marketing, doing social media, digital advertising, and content writing day to day. I think if I could combine my blogging and professional world into one that would be so perfect for me.
 6. What are you currently working on and where can we find you? (Social Media)
I am currently working on developing my blog as much as possible, participating in Blog Boss Babe that I mentioned above, and turning my social media platforms to becoming both personal and blogging. You can currently find me here:
Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Bloglovin'

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