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Calling All Bachelorette Fans

By Everemma
The Bachelorette

My Proposal

I have this idea and maybe it's just totally stupid, but maybe just maybe someone else will also be excited about it. I love The Bachelor franchise. I find it incredibly entertaining, love to come up with my "draft picks," and enjoy reading recap posts. 
While listening to a podcast the other day I had this sudden realization. I could talk for at least an hour straight about The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, but I think my husband might be sick of discussing it. What if I had my own little recap Bachelorette party every week? 
What if it was a google hangout where 3 or 4 people could chat all things Bachelorette? We could do it every Tuesday night and if you're a blogger you could include it in your Wednesday post. We could rank the Jojo's outfits during the episode. Pick our favorite cringe-worthy moment. If there is enough interest then the "panel" could be slightly different every week. It might be awkward for about 5 minutes, but I think it could also be a ton of fun! If you are interested in joining me, please comment and let me know! We would start next Tuesday, May 24! How is that already next Tuesday?!

The Contestants

Now lets talk about the gentlemen who are vying for Jojo's heart. So many ridiculous "occupations." She has a hipster, an Erectile Dysfunction Expert (hate to know how he became an expert in that) and a Bachelor Superfan. Barf, barf, and barf. Guess we know which three won't be lasting long. 
So who will stick around? Based on my highly scientific analysis of the questionnaires and spending some time split-screening a photo of the contestant on one side with Jojo on the other here are my top 4 picks. These picks are not my declaration of who will win Jojo's heart as I'll need to see them interact in the wild first. 


Why do I think he will last for awhile? Look at that smile! I know nothing about him beyond this picture and his short questionnaire, but I'm will to be he smile a lot and does so in sort of a bashful way that make your heart pitter-patter.
SalBeyond the smile, he seems to be tall enough and values humor. I am a little concerned by his answer to what he would bring to a desert island, "Cell phone, gun, portable air conditioner. No Kardashians on the island." He does understand that it's a desert island, which means there is likely no cell phone service and no electricity for when the batteries on both the cell phone and portable air conditioner run out. I'm also wondering if he thinks that Kardashians frequently hang out on desert islands. 
Calling All Bachelorette Fans


Calling All Bachelorette Fans
Any relation? No? *Sigh* What little girl hasn't spent some time wishing she was Princess Jasmine? In all seriousness I really like Ali's favorite movie picks, Midnight In Paris and Dumb and Dumber, because it shows that he likes to laugh, but he can also be serious. 
I also really love that he went through a long hair phase. All of the guys I know who have gone through that are guys who don't take themselves too seriously and they march to the beat of their own drum no matter what others might think about it. If Jojo doesn't want him, can I set him up with my sister? Watch him be a total dirtbag.


I have a feeling that I will consistently confuse the next two guys on my list the way that I spent all of Kaitlyn's season confusing Ben Z. and Ben Higgins. I swear they are related in some way. There is something about Chase and Jordan's faces though that make me think Jojo will be attracted to them.
Chase also values humor, which I think you have to have with Jojo. He is up for an adventure, which Jojo also seems to like. I'm also hoping that at some point in the season he will channel his inner Ace Ventura since he claims that's one of his favorite movies.

ChaseI get the feeling that he was raised by his mom due to his response of who he would be for a day. This likely means that he won't have issues purchasing feminine hygiene products, which is always helpful, but then he says the one thing he wouldn't do for love is sell his truck. I've never really gotten along with guys who think a car is their baby. This isn't about me though. This is about Jojo and she's hails from Texas, so she might understand his unwillingness to part with his truck.


No this isn't Chase again. This is former Pro Quarterback, Jordan RODGERS! As in Aaron Rodgers', the quarterback of the best NFL team in the league, brother! Just in case there is any confusion, the Green Bay Packers are the best team. 

Now, I'm not making him a pick on that alone. I actually thought his answer to "What's the wildest thing you've done in the bedroom?" was really funny. He responded that trying to hang up a TV without directions or a stud finder was the wildest thing he has done.
JordanI also really love that he seems to love food and wants his girl to love it too! Man after my own heart! He seems too good to be true and I have a feeling that Jojo may be concerned that he is "here for the wrong reasons" or that he really is too goo to be true. I bet he'll stay around for quite awhile though.
Who are your top 4 picks?Are you going to watch The Bachelorette this season or are you completely over it?

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