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A Whirlwind Weekend in California Part II

By Everemma
2 Days in San Diego Part II
On Sunday we decided to visit the places we had wanted to spend more time at while taking the trolley and I made us look for at least one of The Real World houses. For the record, I don't watch The Real World anymore. 
The first time the show filmed in San Diego the cast stayed in this house and I cannot figure out who thought that was a good idea. It's next to some gated government buildings and is the very last building next to some shops. It's super random, but it does have a great view of the harbor.
Real World House
I would like to add at this point that I was brave enough to drive in the city you guys. That's kind of a big deal, because driving is usually my least favorite thing due to the terrible Utah and Idaho drivers in the area.California drivers, at least in this area, were a breeze.
After stopping by The Real World house we decided to get some gelatto from Pappaleccos in Little Italy. This also happened to be the same weekend that some big art walk was happening, which menat we had to park a ways away, but I'm proud to say that I successfully located a spot and even managed to parallel park. The spot I found had this view every few minutes:
Planes Overhead
Needless to say we got a bit distracted and spent maybe twenty or so minutes just watching the planes land. Our driver from the Old Town Trolley Tour had mentioned that because the planes have to fly so low over the city to make the runway, they are only allowed to fly between certain times of the day. This results in a plane landing every thirty seconds. I really wish the planes we live near would have that same sort of restriction. 
Our driver had also claimed that Pappaleccos was his favorite place and I totally get it. The gelatto was delicious and the employees were so kind, friendly and most spoke Italian. Being a quarter Italian, Tom thought that was pretty cool. We strolled around the art walk with our treats to see if anything would catch our eyes, but ended up using some excellent self control.
Gelato from PappaleccoNext stop, Coronado Beach. Apparently this beach is consistently rated the second best beach in the continental United States. It makes me really want to visit the number one beach! It was clean, fairly easy to get to, and so relaxing. We bummed around for a couple of hours. The water was too cold to do much with, but it was perfect lounging on the beach weather. Honestly we probably would have stayed there forever if we didn't need food.
Bumming on Coronado Beach
We knew that we needed to get some good seafood while so close to the ocean and went to Crab Hut. It's not a fancy place at all. They bring you your seasoned, boiled crabs legs, shrimp, crawfish, etc in a plastic sack and you get to pull it out and work for your food. It was good, but we both discovered we should have just gotten the crab as it was really the only thing we liked in the bag.
We didn't get to do everything we wanted, but are already thinking about when we can go back. not so jokingly suggested that we move to the area at some point. 
What is your favorite thing to do in the San Diego area?Does anyone else out there take the time to find silly things like previous Real World houses?

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