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27 Tidbits About Me

By Everemma
27 Tidbits About Me
Today is my birthday and I'm doing something really fun, but you'll hear more about that next week. . .or the week after that.
1 | I'm an INFJ - This is huge for me. I've taken the dang Myers-Briggs a bunch of different times and got a different result each time. None of the results felt right until this year when I sat down and read about every personality and took a bunch of online tests. I'm owning those 4 letters.
2 | I really like the number 4. There is literally zero logic behind that.
3 | These are the magical capris I have had since 2003. They always seem to fit, which is crazy because I've fluctuated a lot over the past 13 years. I think maybe Ann Brashares has a similar pair and they inspired the whole Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants thing. 
27 Tidbits About Me
4 | I think baseball is one of the most boring sports on earth, unless NASCAR is considered a sport.
5 | I'm a little bit scared of bushes and shrubs. I'm convinced that all sorts of creepy crawlies or creepy people are just waiting in there for me.
27 Tidbits About Me
6 | A magpie tried to attack me last year. I was sitting in my office and all of a sudden a magpie started throwing itself repeatedly in the window right where my face was. If that's not a bad omen, I don't know what is.
7 | I was supposed to be born on my mother's birthday, May 2, so we often do something together to celebrate.
8 | I love a good cheesecake and would rather have that than a cake. . .unless my mother-in-law is making the cake. Her cakes are amazing.
27 Tidbits About Me
9 | I have tried and failed about a dozen times to make Pavlova. Desserts are my favorite, but they never seem to come out right  when I make them.
10 | I hate sleeping. I wish that I didn't need sleep. I would much rather relax in different ways.
11 | I love taking baths to relax and during the winter I take a bath basically every single night. 
12 | I'm not very good at sticking with things. I'm very much a quitter, but I think it's because I like to completely throw myself into things and I don't always know the word moderation. I wear myself out really fast.
27 Tidbits About Me
13 | I have a really hard time reading books that don't take place in the same world I'm already in. While I'm impressed by the imagination it takes to dream up a new world, I'm just not into it.
14 | I have never been to a Trader Joes. We have one and I've heard all about it. I've just never cared enough to go. Sue me.
15 | I actually liked Donald Trump before he ran for president. Not going to lie I thought he had some good insight on The Apprentice and always looked forward to hearing that famous phrase, "You're fired." Now my thoughts are more like this:
27 Tidbits About Me
16 | I only had three wisdom teeth removed. I have a fourth, it's just hanging out near my sinuses. 
17 | I have never left the United States. So lame.
18 | I had an extra bone in my ankle. It was removed a long time ago and I'm kind of bummed that I didn't keep it as souvenir or something. 
19 | My favorite ice cream is Turkey Hill's Double Dunker. It's a mocha ice cream with both cookie dough and an oreo cookie swirl. It's  just so good.
27 Tidbits About Me
20 | I used to be so not flexible that when we had the Presidential Fitness Test in middle school I scored so lower than most of the boys. Since then I try to stretch at least once a day. I'm ready for a retake! 
21 | There is a park that we sometimes go to that has three sets of monkey bars. I have a goal to make it across all three in one go by the end of this summer. So far I can make it across one. What can I say I have dainty hands. 
22 | I have a really hard time paying attention to movies, but can binge watch just about any tv show.
27 Tidbits About Me
23 | Back in elementary school I lost a game of tether-ball. I was quite the sore loser and called the girl who won the b-bomb. (Why am I censoring myself? My two-year-old can't read!) Anyway, she told on me and I almost got in trouble, but when the recess aide came over I told her, "I didn't know it was a bad word. My mom calls me that all the time." It wasn't true, but I got to enjoy my recess!
24 | I hate grocery shopping and try to avoid it as long as possible. 
25 | I once had a birthday party at McDonalds. It was back in the day when there was a Hamburgler and the rest of the gang. (Early to mid-nineties?) There was a special party room in the McDonalds and there were McDonalds games. All around classy. 
27 Tidbits About Me
26 | I really enjoy going on walks. It's something my Grandfather taught me to love. He would always take us on walks when we were little and would quiz us on plants, geography and current events. If we got the question right then we got a gummy bear. 
27 | I hate Play-Dough. so. freakin. much. It's so much messier than I remember it being. 
There you have it 27 things you probably never wanted to know, but Happy Birthday to me!!! I'm going someplace very exciting to celebrate. Maybe Disneyland?

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