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Upper Body Burner.

By Heather Murphy @MrsMurphysLOF

Happy Friday friends!

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Joe Joe couldn’t be more happy it’s the weekend, and that he is eating a banana baby..

I have a great upper body workout to share with you guys today! We are combining strength with cardio to burn some major fat, while sculpting your muscles.

Upper Body Burner

You will alternate from a strength move to a cardio move, do them back to back with little to no break in between.

Do three rounds.

There are three different cardio exercises to choose from. pick one to do for the entire workout, or all three to alternate from.


Upper Body Burner


Mountain Climbers 

Plyo Plank March- Start in plank position, bring your left foot to your left hand.while bringing your left foot back to starting, jump your right foot to your right hand. Continue to do this in a plyo movement for the full thirty seconds.

Alternating Chest Press- Lie back on stability ball holding a dumbbell in both hands and position then above your chest. Raise the dumbbell you are holding in your left hand straight above chest. Lower back down and repeat on opposite side.

Boat Pose Curl- Sit with your kneed bent, feet flat on floor. Lean your upper body back and lift your feet off the ground, holding dumbbells by your side. Brace your core, inhale and on the exhale curl the dumbbells to your chest.

Alternating bent- over row

Tricep Kickbacks

Squat with twisting shoulder press

Stand with feet shoulder width apart, holding dumbbells at shoulder- width, palms facing out. Squat, and when you come up press dumbbells to ceiling and twist upper body to right. Repeat on the same side until all reps are completed. Repeat prescribed reps on opposite side.

Plie Pulse holding dumbbell

Stand with feet wider than shoulder width apart, toes pointed out, holding a dumbbell out in front of chest. Squat down and pulse (think the smaller the better).

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