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Ueli Conquers Shisha Solo In 10.5 Hours!

By Kungfujedi @Kungfujedi
Ueli Conquers Shisha Solo In 10.5 Hours!
So, I had no more than finished writing the post below this one about all the happenings in the Himalaya, when I came across this story over at Climbing.com about Ueli already knocking off Shishapangma! It seems that he arrived in Base Camp last week, and two days later made a summit bid.
According to Climbing, Ueli and Don Bowing made the climb up to ABC, located at 5,800 meters (19,029 ft) on Saturday. Don wasn't feeling ready yet for an attempt, so Ueli made a solo summit bid at 10 PM that night. By 9 AM yesterday morning he was on top of the mountain, and both he and Don were back in Base Camp just 20 hours after they left.
All I can say is WOW! Ueli never ceases to amaze me. While he has been acclimatizing throughout the region in preparation for this Himalayan Hat Trick, it is still amazing to read about his exploits. Keep thi sin mind, it is doubtful that there are even fixed ropes to the summit of Shisha yet, so for Steck to climb solo, and that fast, is simply incredible.
Congrats to Ueli on already taking down the first of his 8000 meter peaks. Good luck with the remaining two.

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