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Turkish Get Up – Whole Body Exercise

By Tatiannalovingfit @lovingfit

Turkish Get Up not only targets you abs, but it’s a whole body exercise.  It is also great for your balance and coordination.

No matter which exercise you do, it is always important to keep you Core tight and you Back Locked. All the force should always come from your core. ( I cannot stress this enough )

You can do this exercise with or without a Dumbbell, or with a Kettlebell.

If you are a beginner it is best you don’t use any weight at all, because this exercise is challenging on it’s own.

Turkish Get Up Exercise


Help your self up with your hand, make sure you are always keeping your eyes on the weight.  Use your Abs to keep the balance,  always keep your Back locked.


Turkish Get Up Exercise

Turkish Get Up Exercise

Turkish Get Up Exercise

Turkish Get Up Exercise


After you stand up, you will go back down the same way, always keep your eyes on the weight,( or your hand if you are not using a weight ).  That’s one rep. Now repeat on the other side.

I like to incorporate Turkish Get Up with many of my Strength Training Routines. ( Never ever use this exercise as an Interval Training ), because it requires a lot of concentration and coordination.  Always practice to do an exercise in a proper form before incorporating it into your routine.

You can do 10 Turkish Get Ups on each side, as part of your Workout Routine.


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