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Trekking The Great Himalaya Trail

Posted on the 05 July 2011 by Kungfujedi @Kungfujedi
Trekking The Great Himalaya Trail
In terms of long distance trekking, the relatively newly established Great Himalayan Trail is tough to beat in terms of challenge and beauty. The GHT is made up of a collection of existing treks that have been linked together to make one massive hiking experience, and once it is completed, trail organizers hope that it will span Bhutan, Tibet, India, Nepal and Pakistan.
For now however, the one section of the GHT that is officially open and accessible is the leg that runs across Nepal. That trail was recently thru-hiked by two Americans, Shawn Forry and Justin Lichter, who covered the 1700km (1056 mile) in 57 days, going unsupported and self-guided the entire way. Shawn was recently interviewed about their adventure at GreatHimalayaTrail.org.
In the interview, Forry talks about their inspiration for hiking the GHT, the route they took along the way, and his favorite section of the trail. He also discusses the most challenging sections of the trail, how the GHT compares to other big hikes, and a lot more. It is quite an interesting read for anyone considering a trek in the Himalaya, either along the GHT or elsewhere.
Of course, I'd absolutely love to return to the Himalaya for another trek, and the GHT would be high on the list. I'm not sure I'd want to do it in just 57 days however, as I'd prefer a more relaxed pace with plenty of time to enjoy the scenery and culture. Still, it seems that Shawn and Justin had an amazing adventure in Nepal.
Big thanks to Rick from Best Hike for sharing this great story.

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By Great Himalaya Thru-Hiker
posted on 08 March at 09:48
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For sure,Great Himalaya Trail is thing to before you die across the Himalaya.While two Americans were doing the trail,I was on my own,20 years old boy trekking alone in Great Himalaya Trail.It took me 128 days to traverse 2000km from east from bottom of Kanchenjunga to west in Rara Lake.Congratulation for everyone who have done GHT and been part of wonderful trail and we welcome new adventure to rule to trail. Keep trekking,there is always something new on your journey,