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Top Gifts for Resolutioners, 2017 Edition

By Fitfulfocus @fitfulfocus
Know someone who wants to get fit in the new year? ThisTop Gifts for Resolutioners guide will help you figure out what to get them for the holidays. Top Gifts for Resolutioners, 2017 Edition This post is sponsored by Mizuno on behalf of Fitfluential.

The last of my gift guides has arrived! If you haven't already, be sure to check out my guides to Top Gifts for Runners and Top Gifts for Foodies. Today's guide is for all the people out there who know all the other people out there who have resolutions to start their healthy living journey in the new year. Did you catch that?

Everything featured in my list of Top Gifts for Resolutioners will help your friend, family member, co-worker, secret lover, what-have-you get a head start on their fitness and nutrition goals. If they're new to the healthy-living scene, odds are they don't have these things yet, so any of these gifts is sure to be a winner!

Top Gifts for Resolutioners, 2017 Edition

1. Gym Membership

What better way to help them with their fitness goals than to give them access to all the equipment they'll need! Find out what gym they're hoping to join or see if any gyms in their neighborhood are offering new-member specials. Many gyms will offer a free personal training session for signing up. If they've already purchased a gym membership, you can offer to pay for a few months, pay the difference for them to upgrade their membership (if the gym has upgrades) or buy them a few personal training sessions.

2. Workout Plan

Another great way to help them stick with their resolutions is to get them a workout plan. This is especially great if they're relatively new to working out and don't quite know what to do at the gym. I really love Body Boss for all the workouts you can do with minimal equipment and minimal space. You can also purchase them a membership to or hook them up with an online trainer.

3. Nutrition Plan

So many people resolve to eat healthier in the new year. Help your friend stick to their guns by setting them up with a nutrition plan. You can purchase a few sessions for them with a nutritionist or get them an easy to follow meal-plan guide like the BodyBoss Nutrition Guide, which I'll be reviewing soon! Alternatively, you can hook them up with a few months of healthy supplements and protein powers. I'm a fan of anything NOW Foods offers.

4. Spotify Subscription

Help keep them motivated at the gym or on their new training runs with a subscription to Spotify! Better yet, make them some playlists they can follow as soon as they sign up.

5. Fitness Tracker

A fitness tracker is a great gift for anyone looking to start holding themselves accountable for their daily activity. I particularly like the Fitbit Alta because it's small, discrete and has changeable bands to match any outfit, workout or not.

6. New Running Shoes

If your fit-to-be friend aspires to start running, there's no better gift than a new pair of running shoes. The Mizuno Wave Rider 21 is a great bet for runners of all experience levels.

Top Gifts for Resolutioners, 2017 Edition

I've tried an older generation of the Wave Riders and have to say, Mizuno has really upped their game with this one. The Wave Rider 21s have softer cushioning, which is excellent for new runners' yet-to-be-callused feet. Even the tongue of these shoes has cushioning, which may sound weird, but trust me, when a tongue starts digging into your ankle mid-run it's no bueno.

Top Gifts for Resolutioners, 2017 Edition

They aren't too heavy and they aren't too light, which means they're just the shoe for your friend who resolved to start running or run more in 2018.

7. Be Their Buddy

One of the best gifts you can give someone looking to start their healthy-living journey is to offer to be their accountability buddy. Offer to work at their goals with them! Meet up for runs and workouts. Have meal prep dates together. Share healthy recipes with them and help them order better at restaurants. It's the gift that keeps on giving!

Top Gifts for Resolutioners, 2017 Edition

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Top Gifts for Resolutioners, 2017 Edition

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