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The Yoga for Healthy Aging Weekend Workshop Experience

By Ninazolotow @Yoga4HealthyAge
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The Yoga for Healthy Aging Weekend Workshop Experience

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When I tell people about the Yoga for Healthy Aging intensive trainings that we have been offering since 2015, initially they are very interested in learning more. However, for some, when they hear about the 30-hour, 5-6 day time commitment, they realize that a week-long intensive isn’t going to work for them. 
The good news for people like this is that I also offer a shorter weekend workshop experience, covering the essential parts of our longer trainings. The 10-hour workshop is equally divided between discussion and asana practice. And I have been doing these across the US for about two years now, from Northern Virginia to Portland, Oregon and many places in between, so I know you can get a lot out of this workshop! 
Now I’m pleased to announce I am offering this weekend workshop experience on Yoga for Healthy Aging on August 25th-27th, 2017 in Oakland, California at Mountain Yoga Studio. 
This workshop will be a great fit for anyone who wants to start using yoga tools to improve your health and well-being, and to lengthen your “health span” (more on that in the workshop!), maintain independence, and cultivate equanimity as you age. It is also an excellent way for yoga teachers of any age who want to learn some of the methods we at Yoga for Healthy Aging yoga use to help our students of all ages, especially those 40 and older. 
Here is what I plan to cover in the upcoming workshop:
  1. What is Aging, and What is Healthy Aging? 
  2. Essential Yoga Poses: An Overview 
  3. Yoga for Strength 
  4. Yoga for Flexibility 
  5. Yoga for Balance 
  6. Yoga for Agility 
  7. Stress and Yoga for Stress Management 
  8. Yoga for Cardiovascular System and Heart Health 
  9. Yoga for Brain Health 
To register for this weekend workshop, use the Mountain Yoga Studio web site.
If these August dates do not fit into your summer schedule, keep an eye out for future opportunities to join me for the weekend version of Yoga for Healthy Aging (see And kinda’ like the move “Field of Dreams,” if you invite me (to your studio), I will come (and teach it for your community!). 
NOTE: This workshop is not part of the certification process, nor can the hours be applied to that in the future. 
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