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The Turkey Burner: a Thanksgiving-Themed Workout

By Fitfulfocus @fitfulfocus
The Turkey Burner: a Thanksgiving-Themed Workout

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The Turkey Burner: a Thanksgiving-Themed Workout

Believe it or not, Thanksgiving is around the corner. Can you believe it? I'm a big fan of getting a workout in before big holiday festivities. You get a boost of endorphins, have energy for the holiday fun, and can enjoy all the nibbles, treats and feasts guilt-free.

The best way to get in said workout? Make it fit with the holiday! Themed-workouts are an awesome way to get in the holiday spirit and get the whole family involved, and I've got you covered this Turkey Day with The Turkey Burner workout. This workout combines bursts of cardio with good old fashioned strength training but with a Thanksgiving twist. Ready, set, gobble gobble!

The Turkey Burner: a Thanksgiving-Themed Workout


Turkey Feather Flappers (aka Jumping Jacks): Start standing, feet together and arms at your sides. Jump your feet out past shoulder-width. As you jump your feet out, make a half circle with your arms, bringing them out to side and then up overhead. Jump your feet back in and bring arms back down to your side. Repeat for 1 minute.

Goblet Gobblers (aka Goblet Squats): Stand with feet about hip width apart, feet turned slightly out. Hold a medium-weight (dumbbell or kettlebell) in close to the chest with both hands. Send your hips back and drop down into a squat as low as you can go, keeping your torso upright and knees pointed out. You don't have to stop at 90 degrees if you have the mobility to drop down further. Stand back up to start and repeat as many times as possible in one minute.

Timed Turkey Trot (aka Sprints): Find a long stretch outside or hop on a treadmill. Run as fast as possible for one minute.

Wing Workers (aka Bicep Curls): Stand with feet hip-width apart, arms by your sides. Hold a light-weight dumbbell in each hand, palms facing away from you. Bend at the elbows and slowly curl the weights up toward your shoulders. With a slow and controlled motion, curl the weights back down to starting position. Repeat as many times as possible in one minute.

Harvest Hops (aka Jump Rope): Hold each handle of jump rope at about hip height, with the hands close in to the body. Swing the rope around and jump over it, keeping the legs straight and the hands in the same position. Continue jumping for one minute.

Planksgivings (aka Planks): Get into a plank position on your forearms, insuring your elbows are directly under your shoulders. Keep the hips in line with the torso, engage the core and hold for 30 seconds. If this gets difficult, you can drop to your knees or raise up onto your hands.

Pilgrim Pop Ups (aka Burpees): Start standing with feet hip-width apart. Jump or step feet back and drop your hands under your shoulders (so you land in a plank position). Do a push-up, lowering the chest all the way to the floor. Push back up to plank, jump your feet back in and hop back up to stand, clapping your hands overhead as you do so. Repeat as soon as you land.

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The Turkey Burner: a Thanksgiving-Themed Workout

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