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The Smoking CUT DOWN Challenge

By Finallygrowingup @mordechaikashuk
The Smoking CUT DOWN Challenge
Smokers: Do you remember (and think back hard here) when you smoked your first cigarette?
The reason you continued is most likely because that very first cigarette buzzed your head like crazy!
But now you smoke, and smoke, and smoke, and all you get from it is an intense feeling of guilt, and an empty wallet!
Cutting back on smoking, not quitting mind you, but cutting back, will allow you to continue, every morning, on a regular basis, to feel that rush again that you felt from your first cigarette!!!
It’s true, there is only one challenging part of this, well, challenge. You need to not smoke a cigarette for 24 hours. And that’s it.
The next morning when you wake up and smoke your first cigarette of the day, you will once again feel that buzz.
The problem is that when you smoke constantly, or regularly, your system remains saturated with nicotine, and you continue smoking for any number of reasons, but most likely because your system is addicted to nicotine.
Does this really work? – YES.
Should I really try this? – YES.
A. it WILL give you the buzz that you crave with each cigarette you smoke, AND as a side effect of the whole process, you will.
B. You will spend less on cigarettes, ultimately smoking only around a pack a week.
C.  You will save a LOT of money that you can even put aside and save up to say, go away for the weekend, buy that thing you’ve been eying in the shop window for SO long, or even FINALLY have enough money to give the tzedaka of 10% of your income that you know you really should!
So, if you accept this challenge, join in!
Any questions and I am here to help, every step of the way! :)




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