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The Same as It Ever Was

By Rob Howard @adventurenet
The Same as it Ever WasThis weekend I'm off to cover the Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon , a race which I have a great affection for as it was the first outdoor/endurance event that I ever covered as a photographer/reporter.
That was back in 1983 and I was shooting on black and white negatives, because most of the magazines then only had color on the front and back covers. It was about the time the world wide web was forming, though only a few techies knew what it was, and was long before the Raid Gauloises and 'adventure racing' were thought of.
It was a long time ago, but I know that this weekend the event will be little different from the race in 1983. It always takes place in mid summer (first weekend in July), in the glorious Lake District, has a solo elite class and other options for pairs, and has a friendly low-key atmosphere.
There won't be any big screens, satellite tracking or even any banners - the HQ will be a marquee in a field, the mid-camp will be lots of tents in a field in the middle of nowhere, and The Backpackers Club will be marshalling. There won't be any big prizes and those taking part won't expect anything expect a challenging, enjoyable and friendly weekend out in the hills, which is what they'll get.
The experience of covering that race in 1983 made me think this would be a good sport to be involved in, and I have been ever since, traveling all over the world and subsequently setting up SleepMonsters.
A lot had changed since then, but it's nice to know some races are still the same as they always were - change isn't always good.

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