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The Long-Term Effects of Paxil Use, and How It Affects Marriages

By Finallygrowingup @mordechaikashuk

The Long-Term effects of Paxil Use, and How it Affects Marriages

Many people take Paxil.  It is one of the most popular Anti-Depressants on the market, and generally has fewer side effects then many other medications in the same family. But it does have one MAJOR side effect that can and does often become a major problem if the patient is married or in a significant relationship of any kind.

Paxil greatly affects libido, often diminishing it to a non-existent state, in both men and women who have taken the drug long term. So, how does it effect marriage?

When one person in the relationship has a perfectly fine working libido, and the other has no sex drive at all, the “normal” partner will inevitably feel that their physical needs are not being met.  This of course leads to arguments, and can ultimately lead to the relationship ending.

Yes, there is talk therapy available, but of what help is it when the lack of libido is a chemical issue and not a behavioral one?


It is truly unfortunate for a couple who is in love, deeply, truly, to have such intense arguments when it comes to sex.

The partner who is being treated with Paxil, does not even think about having sex. The thoughts are simply not there. They do not exist.

Yet the other partner obviously, not having the same lack of libido issues, wants to have sex, and it is impossible for them to understand why the “Paxil Partner” can’t simply force themselves to push past the no libido issue at least, if for no other reason, to meet the other’s needs. And they will never understand, no matter how many times they try to explain it to them, or a therapist tells them that, “yes, it is a very common side-effect of long term Paxil treatment”, and that they should try to be more understanding.

A person with no libido, doesn’t think about sex, want sex, desire sex, and really can not force themselves, even for the sake of the physical needs of the one they love, to engage in it.

So what is the solution?

Well, unfortunately science has not yet come up with anything.

The patient has no problem becoming physically aroused, therefore drugs such as Viagra or Cialis, have no effect at all.

These medications are designed for people who can no longer, or have difficulty achieving or sustaining an erection. They do nothing to enhance the libido.

This becomes a majorly harrowing situation.

All anti-depressant medications have to varying degrees, this same extremely challenging side-effect, and yet they can not go off of the medications or they will re-enter major depression, and then there will be myriad other things to argue and fight about.

If there are any advances in finding a solution to this problem, I will of course post that information here, but until then, this continues to be a very serious issue with major complications, that breeds resentments galore with both partners in the relationship.


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