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The Cutest Fitness Gear From Target

By Fitfulfocus @fitfulfocus
The Cutest Fitness Gear From Target

I don't know about you all, but I think Target (affiliate link) is pretty much heaven. Whenever I go in there for one thing, I come out with about twenty things. Most of the time I completely forget to get the thing I went there to get. Oye.

Target is just filled with so many amazing things. I could get lost in there for hours, especially in their fitness apparel section. Even when I'm shopping online, I end up on their site for hours. Just take all my money, Target. Take it!

Target's C9 collection is the best. I honestly don't know how I don't own every single thing. Rather than channel all of my money out of my wallet, however, I'm channeling all my energy into sharing some of my favorite pieces with you all! Are you ready to see some of the cutest fitness gear from Target?

If you like what you see, Target check out this SALE!

30% off Women's C9 summer essentials (tees/tank and shorts). Valid 7/16-7/22
The Cutest Fitness Gear From Target
Starting at the top left ^

This would be the perfect base layer under a loose fitting tank. It has seamless fabric and removable cups, making it perfect for any sort of low-impact workout.

I love the color and geometric pattern on this strappy sports bra. It'd be cute under a tank or overalls when you're out and about and can take you right into a lighter workout.

This top is just sheer enough to show off your favorite sports bra while also ensuring you feel covered. This loose fit and breathable fabric make it great for a run.

I have a similar bra from Target that's my go-to for running. It keeps the ladies in place and is totally comfortable.

Wear this and remember how hard you work!

Get your plank on with this bad boy.

This semi-fitted tank has a cute cutout in the back for a little sex appeal. You've been working hard. Show it off!

Because who doesn't love a twofer. Plus, who here has, at some point or another, forgotten to pack a sports bra in your gym bag (raises hand)? Problem solved.

I have my eye on these. Since moving to Texas, I definitely need to up my shorts game. These ones have reflective details and a zip pocket.

I have a few pairs of shorts with layers and they are THE BEST. Chaffing? Not here!

This color, though!

I love the criss cross pattern at the bottom of these. Stylish and sexy but still comfy!

Well folks, those are my faves. Don't forget, Target is having a sale coming up if you want to check 'em out for yourself:

30% off Women's C9 summer essentials (tees/tank and shorts). Valid 7/16-7/22

And as always, don't forget to join the Fit & Fashionable Friday Link Up (full rules here).

The Cutest Fitness Gear From Target

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The Cutest Fitness Gear From Target

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