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The BodyBoss Method Review

By Fitfulfocus @fitfulfocus
Is this 12-week, do-anywhere fitness program right for you? Check out The BodyBoss Method Review to see what this Ultimate Body Fitness Guide is all about. The BodyBoss Method Review This post is sponsored by The BodyBoss Method, but as always, all opinions are my own.

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The BodyBoss Method Review

Any trainer will tell you it's important to mix up your workouts. It will help create balance throughout your body and is key to seeing and feeling results. As much as I love running, I know if all I did was run, I'd be missing out. I'd also be more at risk for injury. As such, I'm always on the hunt for different types of workouts to do on non-running days.

My requirements when it comes to said workouts are as follows:

  • Gives me a good workout. (aka, it's effective)
  • Doesn't bore me to tears. (variety is key)
  • Quick (an hour or less, please)
  • Doesn't require a ton of equipment (so I can do it anywhere)
  • Works with my current race training schedule (3 runs a week)

When I saw that The BodyBoss Method hit all my requirements, I decided to give it a shot.

The BodyBoss Method Review


The BodyBoss Method is a highly structured, 12-week program of fun and challenging high intensity workouts designed for busy women to achieve optimal results in the shortest amount of time.


Workouts are done circuit style, meaning you rotate through a variety of exercises within a specific time frame and are then given a rest break. The training program consists of 4 cycles of 3 weeks (increasing intensity as you go), designed to help you reach optimal performance, power, fitness and fat burning. Because minimal equipment is needed, the workouts can be done in the backyard, in your hotel room or even in your living room-anywhere you have a few feet and 24 minutes.

The BodyBoss Method Review

With this fitness guide, you only have to work out 3 times a week - 1 lower body workout targeting your legs and booty, 1 upper body workout for your arms, abs and core, and 1 "Power Up" workout to work your whole body. The circuits are never more than 24 minutes, but don't forget to do your warm up and cool down exercises before and after each workout.

The program contains 60 exercises across 48 different workouts, all of which are presented in a clear way throughout the guide. It's laid out so nicely and is super easy to follow.

The goal of BodyBoss Method is to activate what is known as the afterburn effect (aka the #BossEffect). That means giving you a higher resting metabolic rate and more calories burned post-workout. (You're going to be burning calories even when you're asleep!) WOOT!

The BodyBoss Method Review


  • 12-week Fitness Program
  • Optimized Training Cycles
  • 60 exercises across 48 workouts
  • High Intensity Circuits
  • Body Goals Worksheet
  • BONUS 4-week pre-training guide (for beginners to get their body ready for the main program)
  • An online support group filled with motivated women doing the BodyBoss Method


I'm currently on week 5, and I'm LOVING it! The workouts are fun to do (check) while still leaving me super sweaty (check). They don't take a lot of time (check) and because equipment is minimal, I can still get in my workout if the gym is crowded or if I'm traveling (check). Also, there are only 3 workouts a week, which works perfectly with my 3 runs a week (check).

The BodyBoss Method Review

The workouts always leave me feeling that good kind of sore. You know, where your muscles are all, "Alright. Alright. I'm feeling good. But I'm not so sore that I can no longer function. You rock!" (Yes, I just personified my muscles. No, I don't feel weird about it.)

In terms of results, I'm already seeing them! I haven't changed my diet at all, and in four weeks I lost ½ and inch off my waist, 1 ½ inches off my hips and ½ and inch off my thighs. Not too shabby, huh?

The BodyBoss Method Review

Interested in giving The BodyBoss Method a shot? Get yourself the program right over here!

And as always, come join the Wild Workout Wednesday Link Up!

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The BodyBoss Method Review

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