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The Best Winter Gear For Less

By Fitfulfocus @fitfulfocus
It's time to layer up with long sleeves, sweaters, boots and scarves, but all those layers can get costly. Find out how to get the best winter gear for less and look fit & fashionable all season long. The Best Winter Gear For Less

It was a beautiful 70 degrees in Austin last weekend. It snowed in parts of New York. I am not jealous in the least. I've never been a fan of cold weather. Don't get me wrong; I think snow is beautiful. I like to snowboard and enjoy cozying up by a warm fire on a chilly day. However, there's little I dislike more than having to walk through frigid temps to get to the subway where everyone is so bundled that there is even less room than there usually is. Nope. I don't miss that at all.

That said, I know it's not always sunny and warm here in Texas. In fact, just the other weekend, Will and I tailgated a football game at Texas A&M. It was in the 40s all morning, and I came woefully unprepared. I ended up borrowing layer upon layer from the friends we were with, and I was still shivering. I'm a baby when it comes to the cold. I'm not ashamed to admit it.

That cold tailgate got me thinking about winter gear. I will still need it down here. I may not need it for as long as I did in New York, but it can still get cold at times. I want to be able to enjoy tailgates and hikes and all the things we came to Austin to enjoy even when the temps aren't ideal.

Since we just moved and bought a bunch of new furniture, I'm not really looking to spend a ton of money on winter apparel, especially because I'll only need it 1-2 months out of the year as opposed to the 5+ in New York. On the other hand, winter gear is not something you want to skimp on. You need good quality to really stay warm on the most blustery of winter days.

Needless to say, when SIERRA TRADING POST reached out to me about their new winter arrivals, I was pumped!

SIERRA TRADING POST has all the quality name brands to outfit every outdoor adventure, even in the winter. I did a little shopping on their site and picked out some of my favorite finds.

The Best Winter Gear For Less

This jacket provides supercharged warmth in an incredibly compressible, lightweight package. It's made with water-resistant goose down and has core-temperature regulating synthetic insulation - it's all very high tech. The great thing about this jacket is that it packs away easily, so if you need to bring it on a trip, it won't take up a lot of space. Marmot is one of the best names in the jacket biz, and this one is only $139.99 on SIERRA TRADING POST. It's usually $325!

I've always struggled to find good winter boots that aren't clunky and ugly, so when I stumbled across these on the SIERRA TRADING POST site, I think I said, "Ooooooo," out loud. Not only are these babies super cute, they're also waterproof with a cozy microfleece lining and a thermal-reflective insole for added warmth. Boots like these normally go for over $250, but these babies are $119.99!

A versatile vest like this is perfect for Austin. It will help keep me warm when it gets chilly but not too warm once my body temp rises during a hike or with the Texas sun. This particular vest has a windproof, insulated front and stretchy, itch-free merino wool on the back and in the lining. I think this will be perfect as Texas starts to transition to colder weather, and it's only $59.99 (usually $170).

Keeping your ears and head warm on cold days really makes all the difference. If my ears are cold, I'm likely going to be miserable, so I'm all about a good beanie. I had a beanie just like this when I ran the Dopey Challenge. I was really bummed when I got home from Orlando and realized I had lost it somewhere between the magical Disney hotel and my apartment. I couldn't bring myself to buy another one for $40, but this on is only $14.99!

SIERRA TRADING POST really has all the quality name brands to outfit every outdoor adventure. When I was trying to pick items to share for this post, there were thousands of options, and everything is priced right! So now even though I'll never be a fan of the cold weather, I am looking forward to wearing some of this awesome winter gear!

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The Best Winter Gear For Less

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The Best Winter Gear For Less

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The Best Winter Gear For Less

The Best Winter Gear For Less

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