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Stuck Inside? Covid-19 Workout Blaster – Basic but Effective!

By Nuwave

Covid-19 Workout Blaster: If you've been stuck inside for a while and looking to gain some new muscle or strength. I've created a simple and easy circuit to follow that if done consistently will be much better than doing nothing at all. So why not give this Covid-19 Workout Blaster your best effort so we can stay as healthy as possible. Let's get rid of this covid-19! By doing your part to stay healthy and ready.

At home workout blaster:

Warm up with 2-5 minutes of full body stretching and 15 jumping jacks

Workout Routine: Covid-19 Workout Blaster
Difficulty level: Beginner -> Intermediate

Circuit 1:
  1. 15 regular push ups (go to knees when you get tired)
  2. 15 air squats
  3. 15 crunches
Circuit 2:
  1. 15 close grip push ups
  2. 15 side to side lunges
  3. 15 russian twists
Circuit 3:
  1. 15 diamond push ups
  2. 15 reverse lunges followed by donkey calf raises (use wall/chair for stability)
  3. 15 hip thrusts
  4. Side plank/balance pose (use arm or wrist on forearm ) hold for 30 seconds each side
  5. Child pose (hold 45 seconds)

Repeat this 2-3 times depending on how you feel. As you do this more and more it will get harder you might not be able to do 15 reps and thats Ok! The goal is 15 +reps but just do what you can and then go to the next movement when your form starts breaking down a lot. Don't push yourself to exhaustion if you're only on the first set otherwise you will run out of steam very quickly in circuit 3. You'll get a good burn in your chest/triceps/quads/calves and abs. Overall a simple but effective full body workout with no equipment that you can modify from easy to advanced by repeating the 3 part circuit multiple times. Go through circuit 1/2/3 before starting over.

How strong will this get you? Well this is a starting point to get you used to moving your body in new ways. As always consult with your physician/doctor before trying any advice you read online. With that being said if you do something like this 3-4x a week in a fashion of (A/rest/B/rest/A/B/rest ) 4x a week and try to push yourself further each time. You'll get some decent initial gains and it will help you go further. This Covid-19 Workout Blaster is a good start towards the road of getting fit. Remember this is for someone who has no equipment and just a floor to workout on basically.

I'll be making some more posts in the future talking about other types of home workouts you can do. As you know I've been working out from for a while now. I started with just dumbbells and P90X workout DVDs and now we've eventually gotten to the point where we have a several thousand dollar equipment home gym setup. It's taken years of dedication but it brings me great joy in being able to workout any time I want. So I encourage you to start with this at home simple workout circuit.

As time goes and you get more equipment then you can modify your workouts to facilitate your needs. I would recommend to start with a pull up bar that goes over the door frame. My first pull up bar was the Iron Gym Xtreme. It's probably still around and very popular. I have it lying around somewhere in my closets. After that you'll work towards getting some dumbbells that go up to 5-52lbs . That will give you a good foundation to develop a base level of strength from dumbbell home workouts.

More workout tips and suggestions coming soon!

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Stuck inside? Covid-19 Workout Blaster – Basic but effective!
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