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Stretch Your Knowledge: 7 Fun Facts About Me!

By Fitfulfocus @fitfulfocus

Last week, I completed the #7daystretch challenge with prAna and Sweat Pink and had a blast! Did you join in on the fun? We stretched, got bendy, rejuvenated our minds and souls and I got to show you my awesome new prAna pants! Here’s a fun little visual summary:

prAna 7daystretch challenge summary

This post is sponsored by prAna on behalf of my partnership with Sweat Pink.

The challenge has officially come to an end, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to! Let’s continue to stretch out minds, bodies and souls all year long! I’ll start by helping you stretch your knowledge about… ME! Yep. I know you want to know more about the girl behind the blog, so here are 7 fun personal facts:

  1. I am wildly obsessed with: gummy bears. Since I discovered I’m allergic to corn, and therefore corn syrup, I’m constantly on the hunt for corn-syrup free candy, especially gummy bears. They can’t be worms or even little fruit snacks. They must be bears. I found some tasty ones at the airport on the way to Blend and got some good ones from Whole Foods, but I wish I could find some in regular groceries and convenience stores. Maybe I should just order a bunch?
  2. I have a collection of: charms. I have a charm bracelet and collect charms wherever I travel. I have a silver one that is overflowing and gold one that is quickly losing space.
  3. I am not so secretly: in love with bulldogs. I think I mention them on the blog at least once a week. Well… here is your daily dose.
  4. When I was 7, I wanted to be: in advertising. Yep. I knew what I wanted to do from a very young age. I remember sitting on a plane with my sister coming up with commercials for all of the snacks the airplane gave us. I remember having a genius idea for advertising baby carrots, but I can’t remember what that idea was…
  5. If I could do one thing today, it would be: Eat a massive bowl of Reese’s Peanut Butter Ice Cream with a side of movie theater popcorn doused in butter and not feel sick for days afterwards. #foodallergyproblems
  6. I’ve always dreamt of….: Flying. Seriously. I’ve had a few reoccurring dreams about flying. When I was little I had very realistic dreams about flying down the hallway and staircase outside my bedroom. I was convinced I actually could… that didn’t end well.
  7. My favorite way to travel is: Uninhibited! I like to make some plans but also leave some space to just wing it! It would help if I also had all the money in the world to truly have no limits. Anyone want to help me out with that?
  8. And bonus!! Next week, I’ll be starting as an official co-host of the Wild Workout Wednesday Link Up! Woohoo!! I’ve been joining this link up pretty much every week, so I’m pumped to officially be a part of it. Be sure to check out all the other awesome hostesses: Angelena Maria, Annmarie & Michelle, and I’ll meet you back here next week for the official hosting kickoff! 
    Wild Workout Wednesday Hosts

So there you have it! Fun facts. At least I hope you think their fun.

Get to know the girl behind the blog! @fitfulfocus shares some fun facts.
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