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Strength Training Benefits That Will Keep You Active

By Rojer @healthxwellness
Strength Training Benefits that Will Keep You Active

Strength training, particularly in conjunction with regular aerobic exercise, can also have a profound impact on a person's mental and emotional health.

Strength training has slowly gained popularity among the exercising masses during the last few years. However, it still remains vastly misunderstood and misconceived especially through the female population. The main reason is the fact that strength training is seen as lifting weights which is often associated with loads of body building men, overgrown muscles and so on.

Things such as disability, age and health conditions can’t be considered a deterrent for taking on strength training, just the opposite it can be of benefit. Fitness and health benefits of strength training are lots of and can be relevant to most people.

The benefits of strength training are lots of, and not only physical but mental and emotional as well. Here are some of the top reasons why everyone should be strength training.

Sleep Improvement

People who exercise regularly enjoy improved sleep quality. They fall asleep faster, sleep more deeply, awaken less often, and sleep longer. Just like depression, the sleep benefits obtained as a result of strength training are similar to treatment with medication but without the side effects or even the expense.

Improves Self Confidence

Success in the gym breeds success in other regions of life. As you get stronger and start to look and feel better, you’ll start to exude a level of confidence that’ll be apparent to everyone you are exposed to. This will translate into more success both in business and personal relationships.

Increased metabolic rate

Strength training effects metabolic function in three ways. It creates a large increase in metabolic rate during exercise, a moderate increase during post exercise recovery, and a little increase in resting metabolism throughout the day. The more muscle you have, the greater calories you burn, even resting.

Weight loss and maintenance

Long gone the days in which it was believed that the only way to lose fat is with aerobic training. Yes aerobic exercises will have their own value in weight loss however, resistance training can be as beneficial and in some cases much more.

Healthy State of Mind

photo of a woman walking strength training provides similar improvements in depression as anti-depressant medications. Currently, it’s not known if this is because people feel better when they are stronger or maybe strength training produces a helpful biochemical change in the brain. Its likely a combination of the two. When seniors participate in strength training programs, their self-confidence and self-esteem improve, which has a powerful impact on their overall quality of life.

Increase performance

Strength training is used by runners, rowers and other aerobic based athletes in order to improve performance. However, even just in a recreational level it can be as useful and beneficial and in some cases it can benefit in preventing injuries.

Strength Training Benefits

Strength Training Benefits

Builds and Maintains Healthy Connective Tissue

As your muscles strengthen, the tendons, ligaments and other connective tissue also benefit. One consequence of this process is reduced risk of injury while participating in sports or everyday activity. In the geriatric population, strength training can help prevent the chance and/or severity of falls and broken bones by improving muscle strength.

Healthy Heart Tissue

Strength training is important for cardiac health because heart disease risk is lower when the body is leaner. One study discovered that cardiac patients gained not only strength and flexibility but additionally aerobic capacity when they did strength training three times a week as part of their rehabilitation program.

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