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Starting Strength Session # 7

By Nuwave

starting strength

starting strength

Starting Strength
Session 7

Hey guys whats up, coach Lloyd here from NuWave Fitness and today I’ll be updating you with my starting strength session 7. I decided to make a video today which is vlog #3. Simply showing a quick workout clip and talking about how the starting strength workout went.

The workout for today went pretty good, I started at around 3PM and the workout time was about 42 minutes. I’ve noticed its getting longer as each workout goes by. I think the main reason for that is because the weights are getting heavier and its taking me longer to finish out each exercise on starting strength.

I feel like I’m getting close to maxing out in squats on thisstarting strength round. Hopefully I can manage to keep doing back squats though until I am forced to switch to hack squats.  Bench press was pretty good today, did 5 sets of 3 reps @ 110lbs. Gradually increasing each week. The main thing about today’s workout was probably the chin ups. You do 3 sets until failure. Last week I did 15/8/6  today I did 17/6/7 so not too bad. I feel I’m getting stronger overall and I’m glad I changed out power cleans to do chin ups/pull ups. Much better for me

This is called the practical programming starting strength.

I didn’t take my C4 today but I still had good energy during my workout so I was very satisified with that

. Tomorrows workout is simply ab ripper x since we did an intense weight lifting session today. I also recorded a video for you guys talking about how my starting strength workout went today as well. View it below!

Starting Strength Session 7

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