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Starting Strength Modified: #5

By Nuwave
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So today was first day back in about a week of heavy lifting. By heavy I mean lifting any sort of weight of course :) . Since my back injury a few weeks ago I’ve tried to stay away from lifting too heavy or putting pressure on that low back area. I’m fairly confident in that its a possible low back pinched nerve. Which is a bummer in itself but it can heal in time I believe.

With that being said I made TWO videos in regards to this workout today. The first video is my main workout put into a 3 minute montage for quick viewing purposes! The second video is actually a 5-6 minute video blog just talking about how the workout was and some specific talking points. So I like to call that second video the Post Workout Time. I know… lame name but it was the best I could think  of!

I hope you guys enjoy both videos please remember to subscribe,like and comment! It helps help quite a bit so I’m very thankful if you do. Tomorrow is a rest day so maybe no videos but we’ll see! Remember to do your best in each workout, eat properly and BE THE CHANGE!

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Post Workout Time (vlog) -

Starting Strength Modified: #5

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