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South to North, Then West to East

By Rob Howard @adventurenet
South to North, then West to EastI'm about to set off to cover the annual 3 Peaks Yacht Race and The Wall Ultra, traveling up the west coast of the UK and then crossing the country West to East by way of the route of Hadrian's Wall.
The 3 Peaks Yacht Race is one of the oldest 'adventure races' around, a sailing/mountain running challenge that takes teams from Barmouth on the Welsh coast, up the west coast of the UK, with stops off to run to the summits of the highest points in Wales, England and Scotland.
It's an amazing race, though you might wonder why we are covering a sailing race on SleepMonsters. It's a great adventure first and foremost, and to get to the finish requires strong teamwork, many different sports skills, extreme endurance, clever tactics and complex navigation.  Follow the coverage in the coming week and you will see what I mean.
Then its time for the second running of 'The Wall', the Rat Race Events ultra following the route of Hadrian's Wall. The first event last year got off to a great start, despite some rough weather, and given the current weather patterns we might be in for the same again.

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