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So Be Life: Getting Knocked Down…

By Nuwave

Today was just like any other regular day on my schedule. I had the usual motivation of getting everything done which is around a 9/10 on the scale. 10 meaning I’m super motivated and one meaning I’m not motivated at all. So overall it was a pretty solid number. I was going to tackle writing some articles, maybe make a youtube video and a blog post on my website. Even look for people that are needing help or advice in health and fitness. I love helping others and being able to bring awareness about the importance of being fit and healthy.

so be life getting knocked down

so be life: getting knocked down

So first thing I decided to do today was try and write some articles for others. I use a site called textbroker when I have free time. You are basically paid to write articles that usually range from 125-500 words. It’s not a great amount of money off the bat but if can help pay some bills.

In order to get started with TextBroker you have to send them a sample of your writing and based on that you will be rated 1-5 stars. 5 stars are only for professionals and most users start at 3 stars like myself.  So I began writing articles with the company. Every 5 articles that are written eventually become rated by TextBroker on 1-5 star rating.  My first 5 articles all earned a three star rating which helps to keep my rating at 3 stars. I’ve written a total of 14 articles and just had my last 5 articles rated by the company.

The upseting part is that majority of my 5th-10th article got a 2 star rating because of comma miss usage. The part that really upsets me is that I got a 2 star rating over capitlization. I think its a little bit over the top considering my other articles were all fine and the client liked them. So now instead of having a 3 star rating i’m down to 2.2 star rating. Which means I can’t write three star articles anymore. Only bots tend to post in the two star article rating so thats just great for me…(sarcasm).

It just goes to show that one person having a bad day can really screw you over. I mean did that employee from textbroker really need to go crazy over my commas? Even to the extent of rating 4 out of 5 articles a 2 star so my rating would drop? Its just unfair I think… but hey,

so be life.

The moral of todays blog is dont give up. Of course I’m upset over it because I feel its not justified. However it just means I need to work more in other areas. This is why I always believe not having all your eggs in one basket! You never know when that basket will break. Keep calm and carry on my friends.

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