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Skipping Workouts: Motivating Monday Week 3

By Nuwave
Skipping Workouts

Skipping Workouts

Skipping Workouts: Motivating Monday

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Week 3 Journey
Motivating Monday!

Here we are again, at the start of our week 3! Monday is always about motivating mondays. So in this week’s edition we are focusing on what happens when you are skipping workouts? Either due to personal issues or time restraints!

Skipping Workouts?

Now I’m gonna be honest with you, when I first started P90X back in 2009. I had never worked out a day before in my life! So I had determination & wanted to do my best. I made it through about 60 days of P90X without misisng many days( 1 day here and there). Then after day 60, I started skipping workouts like 2-3 days a week! By the time day 90 came around, I was only about 70 days in the program! So I was skipping workouts A  LOT of days! Sadly it did have an impact on my day 90 pictures as a result. Still though, I made a goal to do another round of P90X without missing any days! Guess what?!

I did it! I went through 90 days of P90X after that and I wasn’t skipping workouts! I even did the x-stretch days! It felt like a big accomplishment being able to do that! After that I made a pact to do my best from then on to not be skipping workouts. After my P90X round 2 I then did P90X+ and again I went through the whole 90 days without skipping workouts! This is just a fraction of what you can do with hard work and determination. Just do your best, hit play everyday and BRING IT!

Here are today’s Stats (Motivating Monday): Skipping Workouts?

Starting Strength Session # 3

Practical Programming Novice Program

Back Squat
3 sets of 5 reps @ 70lbs

Overhead Press
3 sets of 5 reps @ 65lbs

Chin Ups
3 sets to failure
15 reps/ 9 reps/ 6 reps

You’ll be needing P90X, Insanity or another type of beachbody program to keep you in check & make sure your getting those workouts in! Click the link below for which your interested!

  • P90X2(Sequel to P90X Xtreme Training)
  • P90X (Xtreme Home Workout Program!)
  • Insanity( 60 Day Intense Cardio & Conditioning)


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