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Sensory Garden Yoga: Bottom to Top

By Rachel
Sensory Garden Yoga:  Bottom to Top Yoga is a full-bodied, pro-active practice.  Yoga aims toward better health and longevity.
Yoga is translated as union, or joining.  Yogic Peace could be described as combining opposites to find peace:  happy and sad, good and bad, cold and hot, etc.  From the first time that I practiced the art, I felt the distant calling of everything and nothing.  The matching of extremes brought me great comfort, in a society that strives for great performance and avoids pain at all costs.
As I consciously live and purposefully breathe, I am in unison with my world.  Body, Mind & Spirit create connectivity with our planet, our universe, and each other.  The question remained:  how do you keep the peace?  What is the key to sustaining the union?  Do I practice yoga morning and night, to endure the day?  Or, can I take the feeling of calm acceptance into the day with me?
Experience is "the" teacher, so I learned by doing yoga: living and breathing.  The key to sustaining peace of mind (top) is to begin every thought with pure intention (bottom).  Intention and "gut instinct" comes from the base of our spine.  Contemplating every decision, I ask my deepest element.  Is this it?  Is there more?  Now, or later?  All the questions that come to mind (top) can be answered with a guttural answer (bottom), yes or no.  The tricky part is feeling the answer and interpreting through feelings from the heart.  As I filter my gut instincts with emotion, my intuition is a strong guide for my mind.    
Sensory Garden Yoga:  Bottom to Top Yoga tunes the spine and reforms the balance within all systems in the body:  endocrine glands, emotions, physical matter and nerves.  With a healthy spleen, adrenal, and thymus, my brain is left with much less of a burden.  The brain is not reeling with thoughts, it is a processing computer waiting to be used, properly.
Living to breathe, I learn that gut instincts are true, emotions are real and logic is insightful; as long as all of my organs are operating properly and my glands are working their best.
Christy Camp, RYTT
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I rely far more on gut instinct than researching huge amounts of statistics.
Richard Branson

I just found it interesting to talk to adults I admired, and to discover that the path they took was never all that clearly defined. It was comforting to me when I figured out that you don't have to know what you want to do with your life; you just have to take a few steps in one direction, and other opportunities will open up.
Anderson Cooper

This is the nature of genius, to be able to grasp the knowable even when noone else recognizes that it is present.
Deepak Chopra

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