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Is Your Brain Shrinking Due To Stress? What Are The Signs

By Rachel
Is Your Brain Shrinking Due To Stress? What Are The Signs
A very interesting article by Bettina Rasmussen that I must share, please leave your comments, we'd love to hear from you:
Researchers Discover the Telltale Signs and Unexpected Cause of Brain Shrinkage – Stress Stress, fear, anxiety, panic, insomnia and depression rob us, men and women, of our immediate quality of life.  Now a team of researchers from Yale University have discovered that if emotional imbalances persist or are severe enough, that it causes reductions in the amount of gray matter in parts of the brain that control physiological and emotional functioning; potentially causing permanent emotional and cognitive impairment.  The report which was published in the journal Biological Psychiatry indicates that persistent emotional imbalances also reduce grey matter in parts of the brain that regulate physiological functions such as blood pressure and glucose levels. What the Study Authors Believe The lead author and assistant professor of psychiatry, Emily Ansell, believes that that an increase in the amount of stressful life events one endures could impact the individual’s ability to handle future stressful situations; a sentiment shared by Fellow Yale and Foundations Fund professor Rajita Sinha, who works in the Department of Neurobiology and the Yale Child Study Center.  Dr. Sinha said the study brings to light the increased importance of finding ways to help people cope with stress properly.  “The brain is dynamic and plastic and things can improve — but only if stress is dealt with in a healthy manner,” Sinha was quoted as saying. “If not, the effects of stress can have a negative impact on both our physical and mental health.” Dr. Edward Bach’s Discoveries Interestingly, the observation that emotional imbalances can be at the root of illness, decease or impaired healing was the trust behind the life and work of Dr. Edward Bach.  Dr. Bach practiced medicine in late 19thcentury as a renowned Harley Street general practitioner, surgeon and researcher in bacteriology and immunology, says Bettina Rasmussen, CEO of Emotional Balance for Healthier Minds and Bodies Dr. Bach discovered 38 plant and flower remedies that help us balance our emotions and free us from stress, fear, anxiety and depression, continues Rasmussen.  Bach Flower has been a trusted name for over 80 years for its natural non-addictive remedies to treat the emotional imbalances behind stress, fears and depression. What Professionals and Celebrities Do The Bach Flower Remedies have an enthusiastic following which includes Dr. Oz (Dr. Oz Show), Dr. Phil (Dr. Phil Show), Oprah Winfrey; and many public figures that live under a lot of stress, such as Selma Hayek, Emma Watson, Jennifer Anniston, Cate Blanche, Martha Stewart and countless others. Rasmussen says that Bach Flower Remedies and Rescue Remedy can now be found in many health food and nutrition stores, or online at Directly from is the distributor for and it serves online (Internet) end-users and the retail and wholesale market with the Bach Flower Remedies, 38 remedies kits, books, displays and marketing materials. Dr. Oz (the Dr. Oz Show) suggests 7 tips that he finds useful to reduce stress. Tips for Reducing Stress
  • Take More Restroom Breaks
  • Show Up Five Minutes Early
  • Change Your Stress Eating Habits
  • Quit Stress Drinking
  • Get Your Heart Pumping with Exercise
  • Make It a Comedy Night
  • Enjoy the Company of Friends
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