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By Richardl @richardlittleda

A recurring theme

Those of you who call into this blog regularly will recognize the image below. When I closed my office door in Teddington Baptist Church for the last time, I left it on the noticeboard above the desk. The phrase was one made famous by Mother Teresa of Calcutta. In the nursery of her home for the sick and dying in Calcutta, often the noise rising from the rows of cots would reach such levels that speech was impossible. Signalling to each other across the room the nuns would hold up five fingers, four fingers, and then point skywards: all…for…Him. It was a simple but profound reminder to each other as to what motivated them.

My new office in my new setting is just about completed now. Along with all the books and folders and other things, I have written a message on my squeaky clean new whiteboard. You can see it below. Ministry, in whichever church and out of whichever office, has to be all for Him.

Minister's Office, Teddington Baptist Church

Minister’s Office, Teddington Baptist Church

Minister's Office, Newbury Baptist Church

Minister’s Office, Newbury Baptist Church

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