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5 Reasons Why Business Class Flights Are Better Than First Class Flights

By Vinzsalvador23

5 Reasons Why Business Class Flights Are Better Than First Class Flights

Traveling is a hobby for some people and for some it is their profession that demands the same. Among the various means of traveling, flights have become the most common and popular modes. Practically there are two reasons that contribute to the same - first they are quick and less time consuming and secondly they are comfortable than other means of transport. Passengers can travel in different classes in flights - economy class, business class and first class. Economy class fares are the lowest and first class fares are the highest. Business flights are the intermediate ones and the most in demands.

Frequent flyers opine that there are not many differences between business class and first class flights. This is the reason that more and more numbers of people are choosing business class flights for their long distance travel plan. Mentioned below are some reasons why flying in business class is better than flying in first class:

    Business class is more affordable than first class

Whether you are going on a vacation at your own expense or whether your company is sending you for some business assignment overseas, budget is always a matter. To keep it straight and simple, prices of tickets for business class flying are lower than that of first class flying. In fact the first class ticket will be expensive by few thousand dollars, which might be difficult to bear by you or by your company. In fact there are employers' policy on the class of flights in which you can fly if necessary. With cheap business class tickets, traveling becomes more affordable without any kind of compromise on the comfort factor.

    Almost same kinds of facilities in business and first class

People who fly frequently in business class as well as first class flights are the best people who can tell about the differences of the two classes. It is true that services in business class vary from one airline to another as well as on the fact if the flight is domestic or international. But when compared seriously, there are not many differences in the amenities of first class and business class. Lie-flat seats, customized cuisine, free alcohol etc are almost same in both the classes. In some first class flights, there are special suites etc. Lounge access is also same for both the classes.

5 Reasons Why Business Class Flights Are Better Than First Class Flights

    Mile earning is same for both the classes

Mileage bonuses earned are quite important for frequent flyers. Depending on the class in which passengers are traveling, the mileage bonuses are decided. People traveling in economy class have lowest mile accumulation, while those traveling in first class have the highest mile accumulation. It has been seen that mile earning is not vastly different for business class and first class. Rate of about 125% is earned by business class flyer and about 150% is earned by a first class flyer. The difference of 25% is not much when the prices of tickets and other factors are considered.

    Business classes are offering better and lucrative perks

As per latest news from the aviation industry, it has been found that majority of airlines are offering better and lucrative perks for business class passengers. Discount business class tickets are being made available so that more numbers of people can avail the flights. Maximum revenue is being earned from the business class travel by the airlines and hence perks in this sector is being increased. Business class seats are being renovated and redesigned for better customer comfort and satisfaction along with other improved onboard facilities and amenities.

    First class might become a thing of the past soon

This might come as surprise news to many, but many airlines are doing away with their first class seats completely. And the reason they are citing is fair enough. According to the airline, the facilities and amenities that are provided in business class are opulent and highly impressive. Why would people pay more for almost the same services in first class? So, the numbers of business class seats are being increased and first class seats are being bid adieu in many airlines.

With so many valid reasons, it is obvious that flying in business class is a smart idea than flying in first class. Travel comfortably and save money at the same time!



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