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American Jew in Israel Request to Join Trump Campaign

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
A Guest Post by David Weissman
My request to lead Donald Trump’s campaign for Americans in Israel
American Jew in Israel request to join Trump campaignMy name is David Weissman, and I am a veteran for serving in the U.S. Army for over 13 years. I have deployed to Afghanistan two yearlong deployments. My job when I was in the Army was a chaplain assistant besides being security for the chaplain in war time was an event coordinator, as well being an administrative executive assistant to the chaplain. I kept and managed files, funds and turned reports to the command team. The skills I have acquired for 13 years I can use for a good foundation for the Trump team here in Israel.
There are over millions of Americans of all types in Israel and this election is so vital that every vote counts. I have done my homework on Donald Trump and still learning about him to prove to Americans in Israel that he is the right person to lead America and be a strong ally for us. I know plenty to prove he is not anti-Semitic unlike his rival candidate, which is why I am also requesting to be a spokesperson with press credentials to go to Israeli media and discuss all of these issues.
This election is vital for both of our countries and Israel needs a rep and a voice of the Trump campaign to educate the many thousands of American voters without the lies of mainstream media. I have created a Facebook group called Americans in Israel for Donald Trump to use as a hub for Americans in Israel and back in the States so they can learn what is going on. I understand how very important this is that I am willing to do all of this for free because I believe in Trump’s movement and message and would like America to be great again and Israel to be able to run itself with no agenda’s like past President administrations. Thank you for taking the time to read my request.
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