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Redefine Episode 1: Whats This?

By Nuwave
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I havent been going as hardcore in my workouts like I usually am. It started in January and I kind of got derailed midway through February getting stomach flu which also reduced my weight quite a bit losing 6lbs in just a few days. After that my appetite sharply decreased and I never picked my appetite back up. As a result I went from 158lbs in December 2012 to around 140lbs which I’m at right now (give or take 1-2lbs). Crazy how much calories make up your results huh? Well of course im proof of that. If you eat a calorie surplus you’ll gain weight and the opposite for a calorie deficit. Its simply in theory but difficult in execution for many including me sometimes. Even though I track my calories everyday 100%!

Moving on, I knew the best thing I could do was start fresh on April since it was a new month coming up. Which is exactly what I did, ordered some new supplements since I needed restocking, restarted my weight lifting program and got rid of clutter in my life that was making me skip workouts or push them off.

What that means for you guys is that you’ll be able to watch the journey again to hopefully hitting that 158lb weight we were at last but also surpassing that. My initial goal is 170lbs and then once I’m there see how I look aesthetically and try to push the envelope even farther past that to 190, then 212lbs one day!

The meaning of calling this “Redefine” is because I basically have to define again myself. Specifically my bold because of my weight lost. Most of these episodes will be linked together if they are workout days in my program, vlogs that go alongside my workout or something that is directly linked to my own personal workout program. That way if you see a new Redefine episode on my YouTube channel then you’ll know it has to do with me personally and my workout goals.

I’ll link you episode 0 on this post and then embed episode 1 fully once its done uploading so you can watch both and understand the whole scoop! I appreciate everyone who watches my videos and reads my posts here. Keep doing what you do and be the change!

Redefine Episode 0: What can you expect?




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