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Recovery: Overwhelmed With Being Overwhelmed!

By Sobrfit3
Written By:  Cathy Shuba
"Happy Tuesday!"
Lately I have been feeling overwhelmed...HALT!  Lately I have been running around as if my head has been chopped off...HALT!  Lately I have been forgetting to do things...HALT!  Lately I have been tired...HALT!  Lately I have been lonely...HALT!  Lately I have been angry...HALT!  Lately I have been hungry...HALT!  I must...HALT!
Today, I woke and said to myself..."HALT!...God's will, not mine!"  I have been overwhelmed with work, finding more work, trying to pay all of our bills, keeping the kids in line, trying to keep up on Facebook and my Sobriety Fitness group, trying to keep writing in my blog...and the list can go on!  I know, I sound ungrateful, complaining and just bothered.  Today, I know it is OK to let it out.  Today, I know that it is OK to feel these feelings and accept them and find a way to relieve them without drugs and alcohol.  Today, I have my recovery to help me get through this overwhelming feeling I have at this time.  I have my recovery tools.  I have my recovery friends.  I have my recovery!  I am just overwhelmed like some of us can experience from time to time.  It is really tough to keep everything together and still come up smiling.  On the other hand,  I always manage to smile and say Hello to people.  I guess I love my life to much to let my overwhelmed life show the ugly in me.  I love my life to much to let this overwhelmed feeling I occasionally have to overcome my day, my mood, my spirit and love for others that surround me on a daily basis.  I love my life too much!
Although I am feeling overwhelmed I know what I need and what to do when this feeling arises.  I know I need to call my sponsor.  I know I need to HALT!  I know I need to ask I hungry, angry, lonely or tired?...which means, HALT!  I know I have to go running, pick up some weights, go for a walk or do any type of exercise to relieve the stress that comes from my overwhelmed feeling.  I know I need to write it out as I am now, I know that whatever I choose to do it will be positive, spiritual and mostly loving to myself.  I will accept the overwhelmed feeling and not deny it.  If I deny this overwhelmed feeling then I would be denying my chance to grow, learn and stay sober on a daily basis.  Today, I will overcome my overwhelmed feelings!  Do you sometimes become overwhelmed?  If so, what type of attitude do you take?
Today, I will run with serenity in my mind and know that I have overcome my overwhelming feelings!  I will run with grace!
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