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Race To The Piano Man Recap

By Fitfulfocus @fitfulfocus

Before you start reading this post, I should let you in on two things. One, this isn’t a real race recap. My Syracuse Half recap will come on Wednesday. Two, I was planning on posting those Paleo Pancakes I keep promising to make, but then I went to make them and we didn’t have 2 of the 3 ingredients needed. Fail. 

Instead, I’m going to share a different sort of recipe with you. A recipe for how to make it to a concert on time.

Billy Joel Concert

Allow me to provide a little background. On Friday, Will and I drove up to Syracuse, NY to see a Billy Joel concert at the big Syracuse University Stadium, known by us Orange as “The Dome.” We met Annmarie and her husband for dinner in downtown Syracuse first. We wrapped up at around 7:15, giving us plenty of time to drive the quick 2 miles or so up to the SU campus for the concert, which started at 8.


There was SO MUCH TRAFFIC. In retrospect, we should have just left our cars downtown and walked, but who knew.

Billy Joel Concert

Me + Annmarie – note to self: selfies in the dark aren’t the best

We saw that the highway was bumper to bumper, so us smart kids decided to take back roads. Turns out those were backed up, too. 

Luckily, Will is a master navigator. He made a left, a right, and another series of turns and all of the sudden we were up ahead of the whole line of traffic. Bazinga. 

We still had quite a trek to make it to the parking lot, but after about an hour and a half (yes, it took us an hour and half to drive two miles), we made it. 

Billy Joel Concert

But we weren’t at the concert yet. Nope. See, the parking lot was at the very end of South Campus and the concert was on main campus, a shuttle ride away. We headed over to meet the shuttle only to see a massive line of people waiting. 

“Soooooo…. you guys want to walk?” I suggested. I mean… it was only 35 degrees and Annmarie was in heels but you know… good idea, right? So we started the journey to main campus. We were passing shuttles after shuttle, car after car. Making up time, people! 

Billy Joel Concert

When we were about halfway, we spotted an empty shuttle! Just our luck! We hopped on and soon enough we were on campus, off the bus, and rushing toward the dome. 

We got into our seats at about 9:15. We’d missed the entire opening act (Gavin Degraw – who I like but I’ve seen before so oh well) but only missed one Billy Joel song! Phew!!

Between Will’s navigating, Annmarie’s awesome speed-walking-in heels-skills and a butt load of good luck, we probably made up at least 45 minutes of time that we would have spent in traffic missing the good old Piano Man. Check out a quick clip from the concert:

There were more adventures that night, including drunk college kids, temperamental old ladies and a mission in a creepy basement to find a vending machine, but this post is already long enough. 

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Oh, yea and the recipe! 

How To Make It To A Concert On Time 2015-03-22 17:10:59 Serves 4 Write a review Save Recipe Print Ingredients
  1. 4 concert tickets
  2. 4 patient people (1 of which is an expert navigator, another a 1 speed walker)
  3. A car with a clutch that won't give up in bumper-to-bumper uphill traffic
  4. A dose of determination
  5. Buttload of luck
  1. Combine all ingredients in one car.
  2. Drive halfway.
  3. Remove ingredients from car and speed walk toward destination.
  4. Take luck and find empty shuttle bus.
  5. Hop on a proceed to final destination.
  1. *You could also sub all of this for leaving earlier.
By Nicole @ Fitful Focus Fitful Focus  Let’s Chat:
Have you ever been late for a special event? What did you do?
Ever had luck on your side?
Three cheers for the Piano Man! 

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