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Quest For Booty Workout

By Tatiannalovingfit @lovingfit

Sep 19, 2012 by

Butt Workout

Hello My Lovie-Dovies!

Hope you are having a fabulous week and already started our new ” Round Booty Challenge “. Today’s workout is circuit training for the lower body, it’s going to be quite simple routine but it’s still gonna be very challenging.  I always create the routines based on the inspiration and mood, and today I felt like doing something simple.

You will definitely beat my time, because I had to take longer breaks to cool down, our humidity today was pretty crazy and while working out I couldn’t breathe inn, even my ice-pack wasn’t working its usual magic.

Make sure to always warm-up before beginning to exercise, and practice your form, Proper Form is more important than speed.

Workout explanation:

All I was using in this routine is my 40 lbs bag, my new pink Gymboss timer ( my 2 other once broke

), 8 lbs medicine ball.

Set your timer as a stopwatch, complete 10 rounds of the following.

  • Weighted Diagonal Back Lunge & Knee Up – 12 reps ( Per Side )
  • Weighted Jump Lunge – 12 reps
  • Leg Lifts – 6 reps
  • My time for this workout was 29 minutes 37 seconds

After this I did the Round Booty Challege and Good Posture Challenge. Taa-Daaaa!!!

Have Fun Training!



PS – Thank you guys for recommending my site for review on Angry Trainer Fitness – ” Testing The Trainers: Tatianna & Loving Fit  ” Thank you for all of your kindness and support.

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