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Prevention Is Better Than Cure; How To Look After Your Health

By Lyndsay @lyndsinreallife

When it comes to your health, it is far more effective to prevent illnesses, rather than to wait until you have one to treat. There are a number of ways you can look after yourself and limit your risk of illnesses, so if you don’t already do these things, then take action today and reap the benefits later! From protecting your eyesight or your hearing (which you can learn more about how to do here), it’s far better to prevent those issues than to try and treat it when you actually have a problem. You never know, it could be too late to treat.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure; How To Look After Your Health

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Eat Well

To keep it simple, avoid saturated fats, cholesterol, refined carbs, refined sugars, and trans fats as these foods contribute to heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer. Everything in moderation is a good rule to live by, so make sure you find a balance and don’t overdo it on any one particular food.

Check Your Cholesterol

Diet surprisingly isn’t the most important factor when determining your cholesterol level, and only 20 percent of your body’s cholesterol comes from your diet. The other 80 percent is made by your liver, so it’s important to get your cholesterol and your liver checked!

Keep An Eye On Your Blood Pressure

Knowing your blood pressure and if it’s at a healthy level is essential. You can help your heart by keeping your weight and salt intake down and your activity level up. I can attest for this; I have high BP and have to take medication (ugh) because I didn’t take care of myself before having to treat it! Again, it’s better (for yourself and your health) to live a healthy lifestyle to prevent high BP, than to deal with it and treat it later.

Aim For A Suitable BMI

To see if you are at the “right” weight for your height, calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI). Take a look at this BMI calculator to see how your BMI compares to other people from around the world. If you need to lose weight, then there are plenty of tips online for how you can do this (like exercising more or eating fewer calories).

*Note: BMI isn’t necessarily the best indicator of your health. It’s a guide, for sure, but there are several reasons why a BMI might be high. For example, a short person who exercises frequently (& builds muscle), will have a higher BMI even though they are healthy. Every single body truly is different! Use your BMI as a guide to get you on the right track.

Maintain Safe Blood Sugar Levels

Soda, candy, and sugary desserts can all cause your blood sugar to rise. If you suffer from diabetes, this can damage your heart, kidneys, eyes, and nerves, so it’s important to maintain safe levels. This is also crucial to those who have hypoglycemia (or hyperglycemia). I have hypoglycemia, meaning my blood sugar drops quickly and easily. If my blood sugar is too high, I get incredibly sick, and it takes at least an hour to even out. Eat healthy foods, and eat regularly!


Exercise doesn’t mean you have to start going to the gym every day; it just means that finding 30 minutes every day to do some kind of activity is beneficial. It could be short and brisk walks two to three times a day, three 10-minute spurts, or two 15-minute spurts of activity to keep your heart healthy.

Quit Smoking Cigarettes

A recent study has found that smokers lose at least ten years of life expectancy, compared with those who’ve never smoked. This study also found that people who quit smoking cigarettes by age 40 reduce their risk of smoking-related death by 90 percent! If you smoke, there is probably nothing else that will be as effective for your health than quitting. Face it: smoking cigarettes will kill you.

Sleep Well

Sleep has a huge effect on how we feel, so if you’re having trouble sleeping, it could be because of your diet. Food relates directly to serotonin, which is a key hormone/neurotransmitter that promotes healthy sleep. Serotonin is also essential for stable mental health and happiness.

Go For Regular Screenings

Health screenings can save your life. Health screenings are designed to identify cancers and other serious problems early so that you can get a more successful treatment. There are plenty of screening recommendations and options for adults, and varied screenings depending on your family history.  Take advantage of this and make sure you get it done!

Doing these things will positively impact your health, and your life overall. You’ll only ever have one body, take care of it!

What other tips do you recommend for being your healthiest self?

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Prevention Is Better Than Cure; How To Look After Your Health

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