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PLUSH Show 2014 With Delta Labs

By Lyndsay @balancebrunette

Yesterday, I had the awesome opportunity of representing Delta Labs at the PLUSH Show in Downtown Los Angeles! I am an ambassador with Delta Labs, which is a company with an all-natural line of supplements for women based in New York, and the president of the company, Debbie, reached out to me asking if I would help with the booth. I jumped at the chance!! And I am SO glad I did!

DL booth

Our BEAUTIFUL booth, photo courtesy of the Delta Labs Facebook Page  

The PLUSH Show/Expo is a high-end trade show put on by PlushLittleBaby and labeled the posh little urbanities show. It’s a place for new moms, expecting moms, veteran moms, anyone remotely interested in being a mom, and also a few dads to check out high-quality mom and baby products! There were so many booths with great products and services. It was definitely very “posh”! The event is usually indoors, but it was outdoors this year at the Los Angeles Center Studios. It was pretty hot, so unfortunately a lot of people left early. It was a little too much for the kiddos. I, however, loved it! I don’t often get to spend a lot of time outdoors (living in SoCal, I really should work to change this), and I was enjoying myself so much that I didn’t really notice! Which is saying a lot for me, because I am always the one complaining about the heat!

DL dtla

While most blog reviews of the PLUSH Show will be about the booths, products, and experiences as a mom, this one specifically is about my experience working my first trade show with an amazing company! 

I have been an ambassador with Delta Labs for a couple months now. I absolutely LOVE the supplements, and take 7 out of the 8! The only one I don’t take is the postnatal, because, well, I don’t have babies! I spent the day with the president of the company, Debbie, her daughter, Alisha, and the company’s photographer/friend, Jason. Hands down THE coolest people EVER! Debbie is absolutely gorgeous, and hearing her talk with such passion about Delta Labs was contagious. She told me that she was loving being an entrepreneur and enjoying her time now that her kids are grown, and she spoke with such happiness, pride, and class. It was powerful being in her presence. If I become half the woman she is, I’ll be happy. She is absolutely wonderful! It is extremely comforting having such a strong, passionate, intelligent woman behind a company that I represent and support 100%.

DL Supplements

The Delta Labs supplements on display at our booth. Aren’t they beautiful?!

Alisha is her daughter, and she is one year older than me. She is a gorgeous, loving, fun girl (at what age do we start saying woman? I feel so weird calling myself a woman still!). She was so accepting of me. I get anxiety about going new places, but Alisha was so cool and helpful, that I didn’t have anxiety at all! As I’ve mentioned before in my posts, I have bipolar disorder, so I can get manic and very chatty, and tend to say really dumb things haha. Not once did I feel embarrassed to be myself around these ladies, and that rarely happens here in LA for me.

Jason, the photographer, was super cool, too! He has been on a few daytime television shows (he was the drinking expert on 1,000 Ways To Die LOL), and has such an awesome, fun personality.

It was so great spending the day with such awesome, fun, cool people, sharing about women’s health! I am passionate about health and what we put in our bodies, so getting to talk to so many amazing, beautiful moms and moms-to-be about high-quality supplements was simply wonderful! Plus I got to meet a lot of cool little kids, and being a nanny, I love cool little kids! Haha.

Also, I got to meet and hold a 7-week-old chihuahua puppy, which just made my day!

DL chihuahua

So yep, it was a wonderful day! Now I need to travel to New York to visit them! Haha. Can you believe I’ve never been to NYC?

I highly recommend checking out and seeing what their stellar supplements are all about! Email me at lyndsay{at}thebalancedbrunette{dot}com if you have any questions! And use code GETFITWITHLYNDS for $5 off!! **Not valid on bundles

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