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Over Come Self Conscious

By Pamelabrowncoaching @coach_pam_brown

Do you lack the confidence to stick with an exercise program?  Is it that you’re easily discouraged?  Not enough time?  Can’t picture yourself doing exercises and movements that you’re not used to?  Whatever the reason is, you can overcome self-confidence woes with these 8 steps.

  1. Forget about weight-loss or body-morphing ambitions-at least in the beginning.  Instead focus on life goals, which are the biggest motivators you can have.  Using your life goals gives you a clearer focus and destination versus body-morphing goals that creates tons of self-confidence and motivation.
  2. Set short-term performance goals.  “Performance mastery” is one way to increase the self-confidence that you have to accomplish a task even in the midst of obstacles.  Examples of performance goals are “increasing cardio duration from 25 to 30 minutes by the end of the week”, or “performing an extra set of each resistance exercise this week”.
  3. Surround yourself with positive, like-minded people.  It’s hard to build self-confidence if your mind is clogged up with negative thoughts and attitudes from friends and family, you will begin to believe them.  When you have positive support from others, you will do things that you never thought that you could do before, such as sticking with an intense boot camp class when you really want to quit. motivation, self-confidence, self-confidence and personal motivation

  4. Realize that exercise itself is an accomplishment.  Every time you complete a gym workout, participate in boot camp, complete a workout training for a race, or show up to your favorite exercise class, you accomplish big things.
  5. Hire a lifestyle coach if you feel that you need guidance and instruction.  Coaches can provide the clarity and focus that you may lack; and accountability and support that encourage and lift you up.  You are three times successful  and have more self-confidence when you use a coach to help you reach your goals!
  6. Learn mental focus techniques.  If you are worried that others are watching you in the gym, then learn how to tune everyone out except the people that are relevant, such as a fitness instructor leading the class you are taking.  If you are on the floor using free weights, focus only on your technique and the weights or other objects that you are using; how you feel; discomfort experienced, or even how your clothes are feeling more loose these days.
  7. Utilize mental imagery.  Before you hit the gym or a training class, picture yourself doing the exercises and movements that you plan to do that day.  If you are taking a cardio kickboxing class, sit and visualize yourself doing movements that you normally do in the class with great form.  Picture yourself building self-confidence in your movements and your ability.  When your brain picks up on these cues, you become them.  You are able to make the positive mind-body connection.
  8. Stop negative thoughts.  A mental focus technique, known as thought stopping, is beneficial to stop negative thinking.  To use thought stopping, “park” and thoughts that will negatively distract you from focusing on your workout.  One way to do this is to write those thoughts/tasks on paper, and forget about them until after your workout.  This helps you to have more energy and motivation and builds your self-confidence to do more.


These 8 steps will help you to boost your self-confidence to exercise.  Taking one day at a time, celebrating small progressions, and maintaining a positive outlook will also add to your success.  And the more you do a behavior, the better the chances of it becoming a habit.  How great would it be if exercise became a habit?

If I can help you reach your fitness and weight loss goals in any way, feel free to email me!

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