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Nutritional Thursday: Top 5 Healthy Foods

By Nuwave

Nutritional Thursday: Top 5 Healthy FoodsThank You for Visting my website!

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Nutritional Thursday: My Top 5 Healthy Foods!

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Week 1 Journey
Nutritional Thursday! 

Today was Nutritional Thursday, which actually was my final day of Starting Strength. I went through 24 sessions (3 days a week), which was about an 8 week journey with this intense weight lifting program. I stalled a bit towards the end but I intend on making a video & posting a picture maybe tomorrow or over the weekened so stay tuned for that!

Nutritional Thursday

Today’s video is talking about the importance of healthy eating, when I was an avid video gamer playing world of warcraft. I wouldnt be eating the right type of foods. I’d pretty much eat nothing but Ramen Noodles 24/7! One of the reasons I become extremely malnourished! Anyway, we are here to talk about the top 5 healthy foods. I have them in my video, so you’ll have to watch it in order to find out what it is!

I hope you guys have a great day and remember to eat healthy! Carbs are for energy but too much can turn into fat!

You’ll be needing P90X, Insanity or another type of beachbody program to keep you in check & make sure your getting those workouts in! Click the link below for which your interested!

  • P90X2(Sequel to P90X Xtreme Training)
  • P90X (Xtreme Home Workout Program!)
  • Insanity( 60 Day Intense Cardio & Conditioning)

Here’s to Nutritional Thursday!

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