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Now I Understand “Addicted to Bling”

By Lyndsay @balancebrunette

finish line

This past Father’s Day, I completed my first 5k! Now, I’ve actually walked a couple 5ks in the past, but I consider this my first 5k because I now consider myself a runner. I’m about to start training for a half marathon (like full-on training), and I went into the 5k with the mindset of it being my first of many.

bib number

It was the Culver City 5k, and it was awesome! A friend of mine, Jen from Finding My Inner Bombshell, was also doing the race. We met through various Facebook groups and realized we live right by each other, but hadn’t met yet! This race was all about having fun and getting in the spirit of races, so I decided to walk the course with Jen. I am so glad I did! It took us about an hour to complete the course, but we had an entire hour to talk and get to know each other (we’re both bloggers, babysitters, and dogsitters), and I didn’t overexert myself, which was definitely important to me.

This is Jen and me after completing the race:

jen and me after the race

My friend Cameron came with me for the first part of it. He was going to run the race with me, but wasn’t feeling well. It was super awesome that he still came with me to register, hang out, and take pictures! So Cameron, thank you. Your support is always very much appreciated!

cam and me

As Jen and I were walking to the finish line, everyone cheered. Granted, we were finishing at the same time as the 10k runners, so it was probably for them, but we smiled anyway! I’ve read a lot of stories recently about people finishing their race, then leaving and not cheering everyone else on. I’m so glad that was not my experience at the Culver City Run! It was so awesome.

Then I got a banana, Clif bar, water, and a MEDAL!! My very first race medal ever! It is so beautiful, and I now understand why people say they’re addicted to race bling. Because I already want more!


This is me after completing the race. I was so happy! Rocking my Swirl Gear shirt, Katie K Active capris, and #sweatpink shoelaces!

me after race

I also received a super soft tee shirt with the race name and the sponsors:

front of shirt
back of shirt

Needless to say, my first race experience was AWESOME! It got me very excited about my race in August in San Diego, and then my two half marathons coming up in the next six months! I am running the San Francisco Nike Women’s Half on Oct. 19, and then the Zion Half on March 14 of next year. I never thought I would be a runner, but I am so excited to push myself beyond my perceived limits and accomplish something I’ve never even thought about!

during the race
people at finish line

The first photo is during the race; it was a beautiful day! The second photo is at the finish line. So many supporters, I love it!!

Oh, and quick, funny story…

I completed the 5k no problem, but then I got home and stepped down the steps wrong…


Womp womp.

Light sprain. This is my makeshift ice pack my boyfriend made me haha. He’s such a doll. It’ll heal fine, but it’s swollen, so I’m nervous about beginning my 12 week training for my half in October.

Any suggestions/recommendations from runners who’ve experienced injuries? (I feel like that’s most runners LOL)

Despite the sprain, it was an awesome day, awesome experience, and I am very excited for the future!



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