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Netflix is Hiring Someone to Act From Home and Watch Kids Movies All Day

Posted on the 11 October 2016 by Nick Creighton @starshomejob

Do you enjoy kids movie and television establishes?

Itas OK — you can admit it. Weare all still kids at heart, at least a little.

Iall go first: I enjoy vacations at my parentsa house, because we draw out our age-old Disney movies on VHS. My favorite is aThe Little Mermaid, a and I like to dance to aUnder the Seaa in the front room with my sisters.

We say itas for the grandkids, but — come on.

If you experience a cozy afternoon with Mickey, Dora, Nemo or Abu( remember Abu !?), you might be able to turn it into a moneymaker.

This Netflix Job Lets You Tag Kids Content

Netflix is hiring a kids material tagger to join its Enhanced Content Kids team. In this remote position, youall get paid to binge-watch Netflix.

No kidding. Get the popcorn ready.

A content taggeras place is to help identify which content are part of Netflix Kids charts, for ages 0 to 12, and to label those establishes and movies to help sees find something to watch.

You know those uber-specific categories on Netflix, like aStarring Kids With Funny Hatsa or aMovies to Induce You Laugh and Then Nap While Mommy Eats Luncha? Itad be your job to lock those in.

OK, I made up these particular categories — but theyare not far off, right?

Specifically, their duties and respon

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