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5 Work From Home Opportunities

Posted on the 17 August 2017 by Nick Creighton @starshomejob

5 Legitimate Work From Home Opportunities You Should Consider

With the current harsh economic times and employment crisis, many people have resorted to work from home. Working from home on both part-time and full-time basis is slowly becoming common and understandably so.

People aim to make money from the comfort of their homes. Work at home opportunities are many, mostly online jobs. The increasing popularity of working from home has seen the mushrooming of rip-off sites and companies that offer such opportunities. Many people cannot resist the possibility of making money from home, as looking for white collar jobs is not an easy task. This may overwhelm you. Worry no more; we will give you a detailed list of legitimate ways you can make extra money.

Note that not all firms advertising work from home opportunity and job postings are legitimate. Some are scams looking to swindle your hard-earned money. They promise much more than they deliver. Some promise to find you well-paying jobs and ask you for an upfront fee. Once you pay, that is the last time you will hear from them. They are fast increasing in numbers and improving execution methods. The fraud companies are becoming smarter each day. The target innocent job seekers by promising hefty payments that never see the light of day. Choose a job that is more predictable and offers a consistent paycheck. This way you will not fall into traps of fraudsters.

Among the benefits of working from home includes flexibility whereby you have total control of your schedule. You choose when to work and for how long you intend to work on a particular project. You also save on costs like transport and office wear. Work from home jobs are not a get rich quick schemes. This is despite of the fact that some pay handsomely. Most pay you just enough to supplement an existing income.

Whatever your reasons for searching for a work home opportunity, there are people waiting to pay for your services. Here is a list of five viable, tried and true home based jobs and opportunities with no start-up fees you should consider.

1. Freelance Writing (Content writing/Blogging)

Become a freelancer and get paid for articles on Express Writers, Upwork and iWriter. Writing is a versatile profession with jobs ranging from crowdsourcing editing jobs to blogging on various topics. There are an array of jobs from SEO, Web Design, Programming and more. Get paid while working on your favorite topics or categories. Express Writers hires on either part-time or full-time basis. They need you to submit three well-written samples and fill out their online application. Just like iWriter and Upwork, they do not charge you any fees. Most online writing companies require you to pass an evaluation test before they allow you to create an account. Content writing offers you flexible schedules that will synchronize with your life. Switch between bidding for jobs and picking jobs that you can ace. It gives so much satisfaction getting paid for your passion. Do not be afraid to try new categories no matter your education or career level. Some jobs are entry-levels and others ask for more experience. Follow instructions carefully to avoid rejections and bad reviews that will compromise your account. You can also start your own blog.

2. Become an online tutor

Sites like, Aim for a Tutor and Chegg Tutors give you the opportunity to virtually connect with your students. You can perform your teaching duties using your computer at home., for instance, offers flexible online tutoring opportunities. You have the freedom of setting up your schedule, which allows you to work when you are available. Besides, they do not charge any sign up fees. Aim for a Tutor on the other hand requires you to send them a comprehensive resume to [email protected] before you are considered. You need to accompany your resume with an application letter quoting your interest in the job, availability in hours, your Skype ID and expected earnings. You can also choose to become an online ESL teacher. Provide students with English lessons and earn money for doing that. This is however limited to native English speakers with a good command of the language. Experience in teaching and a degree may be required for you to get the opportunity.

3. Transcribing and Online Data Entry jobs

Transcribing is also becoming more popular these days. For you to earn a decent pay from transcription jobs, you need to train a lot. Experience will enable you to climb the payments ladder and soon you will be landing top-paying jobs. Categories range from financial, corporate, general and legal transcription. You may need some training before you can work on technical most transcription projects. Online Data Entry jobs include screening and sorting emails, entering resumes into the database of a particular company, posting job openings and setting up daily planner or projections. Be careful not to be a victim of Online Data Entry scams that ask for upfront payment for software and kits.

4. Online Translation and Language job

If you are you speak more than one language fluently then you should definitely try this. Being bilingual opens up several opportunities for genuine and well-paying opportunities. The possibilities include search engine evaluation, bilingual call centers, translation jobs and online teaching. Companies have started hiring home-based translators on a full-time basis.

5. Online Paid surveys

You can also get to earn a few extra dollars from filling out survey forms online. Taking online paid surveys may not be a conventional job but it still pays. Legitimacy of a survey site depends on the survey itself and the company behind it. You have the freedom of taking as few or as many paid surveys as you wish. Legitimate Online Survey sites include, Swagbucks, Opinium and IPSOS. Some market research firms previously used to pay consumers to take part in in-person surveys where they shared their experiences. Today, the internet has offered them a much more convenient way to collect data online.


Several work-from-home ads that you might come across on the internet are scams waiting to prey on people looking for online jobs. The simple rule of the thumb is to avoid paying services to promise you work. They should instead pay you for work. Conduct substantial research and read reviews of any company that you are not familiar with or seems suspicious. Learn to trust your guts too. If it feels like a scam, it most probably is.

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