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Nectar Sunglasses Review: Amethyst

By Nuwave

Today I’m reviewing a part of Nectar sunglasses that were sent to me for my opinion on them. I’m going to give my honest review on what I think of these glasses and also supply a link you guys can click to get your own down below so if you enjoy what you read and find it helpful then feel free to buy from that link it helps me out some. Thanks!

Nectar Sunglasses Review: Amethyst


  • Lightweight frame
  • Durable polycarbonate frame which helps to make it durable
  •  Scratch resistant film over lenses
  • Glare reduction
  • 100% UV protection

Now these specific sunglasses come at a reasonable price of about $20 USD  but I’ve seen some come at $30 or so depending on the style. Originally I ordered these for myself and chose the blue apollo aviator style. I was surprised to see they sent me a heavy female influenced purple sunglasses. Welp we know who this is going to now, my wonderful girlfriend! So while I might not be 100% happy with being told to choose a product of choice then being sent the wrong one I can’t complain when it was given to me for free to review. Thankfully my girlfriend will be very happy with these I hope. For the laughs I did take some pictures of me with them on so you guys could judge for yourself if its something you would enjoy to wear. Hopefully you’re a female reading this because they don’t really look that great on a guy (my opinion).

nectar amethyst sunglasses


nectar amethyst sunglasses out of case

Out of case nice gold/orange mirror effect

man wearing female sunglasses

my beauty shot lol

nectar sunglasses glare effect

nectar sunglasses glare reduction

As you can see with this above picture I tried to take a spot with a really bright sun reflection then show how drastic the glare reduction is. It’s actually quite noticeable for only being $20 not quite polarized sunglasses but for the price it does a good job of reducing brightness and glare of sunny days.

I’m happy to have been sent these sunglasses and put them on quickly to assess their usefulness. If your someone who is always outdoors or likes to swim with their sunglasses then these are a good style. Their plastic but its more durable and works on a hinge instead of screw when closing them which is nice to avoid rust from rain/water. You could probably find cheaper sunglasses but nectar is a bit more premium for the style as some of their stuff is pretty cool looking.

If you guys are interested in seeing what styles are available please visit their website here -

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