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Natural Home Remedies for Bad Breath

By Rojer @healthxwellness
Natural Home Remedies for Bad Breath

There are few things more unpleasant and uncomfortable in social situations than talking to someone with bad breath.

Bad breath, also known as halitosis, is embarrassing and may take a toll on your confidence level. Bad breath can be as a result of number of reasons such as eating odorous foods, smoking, dry mouth, medical conditions, gum disease, and sinus conditions. However, the main cause of bad breath is the bacteria that develop on the back of your tongue or between your teeth.

Many conditions, such as postnasal drip, chronic bronchitis, uncontrolled diabetes, respiratory system infection, liver or kidney disease, and digestive disorders such as acid reflux disease can cause bad breath. In the majority of people with bad breath, however, the problem is incorporated in the mouth and is often caused by improper dental hygiene, periodontal disease or dry mouth.

Drink tea

Preliminary research suggests that compounds in both green tea and black tea called polyphenols may stop the growth of bacteria responsible for bad breath. Polyphenols may also prevent existing bacteria from producing malodorous compounds such as hydrogen sulfide. Both green and black tea have polyphenols. Get some tips on how you can brew green tea.

Drink More Water

Believe it or not, dehydration is one of the most common causes of bad breath. Many people drink way too little water throughout the day to ward off the bacteria within the mouth that are most responsible for causing bad breath.

Lemon Juice

Curing bad breath having a lemon rinse has been used for generations. The high acidic content in lemons prevents development of bacteria on your tongue and gums. Just stir one tablespoon of lemon juice right into a cup of water and rinse your mouth by using it thoroughly. You can also add a little bit of salt to it and rinse your mouth before you go to bed. This remedy will help to resolve the problem of dry mouth which is one of the main reasons behind bad breath.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar has recently been used being an effective mouthwash that provides long-lasting relief from bad breath. Simply dilute 1/2 tablespoon of the vinegar right into a glass of water and gargle it in your mouth for 10 seconds at any given time.

Essential oils

Try a mouthwash that contains essential oils. Preliminary studies claim that essential oils, which are plant oils, may help to reduce bad breath. One study compared an essential oil mouthwash containing tea tree oil, peppermint oil and lemon oil to some standard mouthwash and found that the level of volatile sulfur compounds was considerably less after the essential oil mouthwash compared to the conventional mouthwash. It is best to use a commercially-prepared product (check the health food store) instead of buying essential oils and making your own mouthwash. If doubtful, consult your dentist.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a fantastic fix for bad breath, since it changes the pH (acidity) level in your mouth, which results inside a less friendly environment for odor-causing bacteria. Simply add some baking soda onto your toothbrush, brush by using it, and then rinse with water. Another choice is to purchase toothpastes that already have a small amount of baking soda. It is also important to clean the top of your tongue with your toothbrush every morning, because this helps dislodge many odorous particles that bring about bad breath.

Natural Home Remedies for Bad Breath

Natural Home Remedies for Bad Breath

Take Probiotics

Along these same lines, poor gut health is another common cause of bad breath. If your digestive system is overloaded with built-up toxins, for example, or if routine antibiotic use and poor eating styles have left your digestive system in shambles, bad breath could merely be considered a side effect of another underlying problem.

Citrus Fruits

Bad breath is often simply the effect of a dry mouth. If this is the case, simply eating a citrus fruit that’s high in citric acid (such as an orange, lemon, or grapefruit) can help improve your breath significantly. The acid such fruits stimulates the saliva, which helps suppress some of the odor-causing bacteria. Simultaneously, the tangy taste of such fruits leaves the mouth smelling fresh.

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