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NASM Live Workshop

By Fitfulfocus @fitfulfocus

You. Guys. Guess. What. Happened. 

Outdoor Run via Fitful Focus

Oh yes. That’s me. Outside. After a run. Say whaaa?! 

Now there are 4 inches of snow on the ground, but for a brief moment, the sun shone down on Brooklyn, melted most of the sidewalk ice and said, “Run free, Nicole. Run free.”

And so I did. For seven glorious miles. 

What else made the weekend glorious? Annmarie came to visit! 

We explored the beautiful Chelsea Market…

Chelsea Market

…ate gluten free crepes from Bar Suzette

Bar Suzette Crepes

We both took multiple bites before being all, “oh shoot, we should take pictures” #hungrybloggerproblems

…drank copious amounts of coffee…

Coffee Obsessed

… and even got in our Love Your Butt Challenge Squats. And by got in our squats, I mean we did one squat when the buzzer rang announcing the arrival of our gluten free pizza. Needless to say, the squats were put on the side lines. 

Will Workout For Pizza

Will workout for pizza.

 We also, as food bloggers, did some experimenting in the kitchen. Savory turmeric oats with bacon and a fried egg anyone? 

Savory Oats with Fried Egg via Fitful Focus

AnnMarie was in town to get DVRT cert, which actually worked out perfectly because all day Sunday I had a NASM Live Workshop. 

The workshop came with the exam bundle I purchased, and I was really excited to get some hands on experience that would bring everything I learned from the textbook to life. 

NASM Live Workshop via Fitful Focus

The class was at a small gym in Manhattan called Independent Training Spot and was led by two instructors, Rick and Brent, both whom are extremely knowledgeable and know NASM like the back of their hands. Brent also knows the proper Latin name of every single muscle and bone in the body. Seriously, dude would speak and it sounded like the teacher in Charlie Brown.

Charlie Brown Teacher

The first part of the class was mostly an overview of the text and how there’s an obesity epidemic in America. Rick talked about growing up in the south and every time he goes home he is surrounded by fried food. Fried chicken. Fried pickles. Fried Oreos. Fried dough topped with Oreos. Oreos fried in fried Oreos. All this chat of Oreos is making me hungry… But seriously, it’s a problem that we need to help with. The obesity. Not the Oreos. Oreos are delicious. In moderation…

Then we got some experience performing assessments on each other to determine what type of corrective flexibility needed to be done and worked through some self myofascial release (foam rolling) techniques.

What I really wanted out of the class was experience creating a program, which we finally got to do toward the end of the day. We all created a workout together and then Rick tortured us led us through said workout. 

I took a lot away from the class that I couldn’t possibly have learned from reading the text on my own. Even though I passed the exam before taking the workshop, I highly suggest everyone take a class like this or shadow a successful personal trainer before launching into their career. I also learned an invaluable acronym to remember all the hip adductor muscles. 

Peanut Butter Leaves Me Greasy

Pectinius. Brevis. Longus. Magnus. Gracilis.

You’re welcome. 

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