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Mountain Biker Vs. African Antelope

By Kungfujedi @Kungfujedi
So you think you've had some rough days on the mountain biking trails? Check out the video below in which rider Evan van der Spuy of South Africa literally gets bowled over by a red hartbeest, a type of antelope, that according to the Adventure Journal, can grow to be in excess of 300 pounds and run at 40 miles per hour.
This encounter took place near Albert Falls Dam in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. Fortunately, Evan came away with just a sore neck, but had to go to the hospital to be checked-out none the less. He did have his helmet broken in the encounter as well.
So what't the wildest thing you've come across out on the trail? I've encountered a few deer on occasion, but that's about it. They've mostly left me alone though, and fortunately didn't decided that I was a mate that they wanted to chase down.

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