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Motivational Health Swaps To Make In 2020

By Lyndsay @balancebrunette

For most people, their resolution for the New Year is to be healthy and yet by this point, the decision has probably been long forgotten, and they are back to their old habits. The motivation just is not there to make the changes that will keep them living their best healthy life.

It’s not about the summer holiday ahead and inevitable bikini photos. What it IS about, however, is your health and your body and the way that you feel. The good thing is that you can swap out a lot of the bad habits you’ve adopted and start living in a way that keeps you feeling well on the inside. Shall we take a look?

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Swap Cocktails For Spirits & Mixers

Cocktails are usually packed with sugary syrups, added colors and plenty of juice. While this makes them delicious, you should consider enjoying a night out with friends by swapping to a spirit and a slimline tonic or diet soda. You can enjoy a night on the town with friends without racking up the calories and adding weight that you don’t want!

Swap Cigarettes For Vapes

While it’s an achievement to give up smoking, some aren’t able to give it up entirely. Buying from GeekVape will allow you to swap out the 20-a-day habit and slowly start cutting back on cigarettes. You know the risks of smoking cigarettes, and swapping that habit this year is going to improve your health massively.

Swap The Elevator For The Stairs

There’s nothing like a brisk walk to start out your day. If you’re on the fifth floor at work, let go of the elevator and use the stairs instead. I always take the stairs instead of the elevator! Just getting your steps up can help your heart and make you fitter. The simple act of taking the stairs instead of the elevator can make a huge difference in your health this year!

Swap Fried For Air-Fried

There’s nothing quite like a plate of hot, salty fries with dip. The problem is the amount of oil that’s used in a fryer. However, if you buy yourself an air-fryer for the kitchen, you can still enjoy hot fries without as much oil to get them crispy and delicious. Something as simple as this can let you have the food you love without the calories to add weight where you don’t want to. The best bit is that you can cook pretty much anything in an air fryer and enjoy it the same way you would have before – just with less oil!

Swap The Car For Your Feet

Healthy swaps are all about getting your health to the best it can be. Leaving the car at home and walking to work or the store is going to make a massive difference to your fitness levels. It’s also going to make you richer because you’re going to spend a lot less money on the gas and use of your car!

Healthy living is all about making you feel good and giving you a chance for health success. Embrace them this year! Happy 2020!


•What are your New Years goals? How do you want to get healthier this summer? Comment below!

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Motivational Health Swaps To Make In 2020

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