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Monopolies Are Bad For Nevadans, Here’s Why

By Lyndsay @balancebrunette
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I have loved living in Nevada for the past 2 years. It’s such a cool state, full of beauty, history, recreation, and of course, Las Vegas (where I’m living currently)!

Monopolies Are Bad For Nevadans, Here’s
The cost of living is relatively low (at least compared to where I lived before moving to Nevada). I’ve lived in a few apartments here, and my boyfriend and I are currently in the process of moving into a house. It’s exciting! But, there’s a problem. Monopolies. And I’m not talking about the board game. You don’t get to collect $200. It’s more like you have to give away that $200, to the ONE energy company available in Nevada. With the energy monopolies, Nevadans have no choice in which company/service they use. Without competition, Nevadans have to pay whatever the energy company says. Don’t want to pay it? Fine, but you won’t have any power. The options are: pay what you’re told, or live in a powerless apartment/house. Let’s be real, that’s not a fair choice. So we are stuck paying possibly hundreds of dollars a month on our electric bill. With no competition, this energy company is free to charge whatever they want. They don’t have to worry about us going to a different company… because there isn’t one!

It’s clear: more competition = lower rates.

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  • What are your thoughts on monopolies? Are we better with them, or without them? Comment below!

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Monopolies Are Bad For Nevadans, Here’s Why

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