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Make Your Desserts Healthier

By Lyndsay @balancebrunette
Make Your Desserts Healthier

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A great dessert can be the perfect way to round off a meal or celebrate a special event. However, you needn’t abandon your healthy eating regime simply to enjoy a good dessert. If you want to avoid harmful additives, tons of sugar and unhealthy fats, take a look at these top tips for making your desserts healthier and tastier.

Switch to dark chocolate

If a recipe calls for chocolate, don’t automatically reach for a bar of white or milk chocolate. The added fat and sugar content will make your dessert less healthy than it could be. Instead, substitute it for good quality dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate that’s at least 70% cocoa will have less sugar than other options, which means your dessert will be healthier than you expect. What’s more, you’ll get the delicious taste and texture of chocolate without the sugar overload. 

Use sweet fruits

Rather than relying on lots of sugar or sweeteners to flavor your desserts, use sweet fruits instead. Raisins, figs, and pineapple are all widely used in desserts, partly because of their sweetness. With a homemade date bar recipe, sticky cinnamon figs or a skinny pineapple cheesecake, you can enjoy a decadent dessert, without unnecessary sugar or calories. 

Make Your Desserts Healthier

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Steer clear of cream

Adding cream to a dessert automatically increases the amount of fat it contains. If you like adding a dollop of cream to your dessert, try flavored yogurt or natural Greek yogurt instead. With a range of options available, you can opt for a low-fat addition to your dessert or choose a flavor that complements the dish. Depending on what you use, switching out cream for yogurt could save you hundreds of calories and a good deal of fat too!

Have dessert on the go

When you’re planning your meals, be sure to incorporate desserts you can eat on the go. As well as enjoying a sweet treat after a meal, you may crave something sugary in the afternoons. By having sweets and desserts on hand, you’ll always have something healthy to snack on. Fruit bars and no-fat cookies are a great option, so plan ahead and keep a batch in the freezer for when you need them. 

Try whole-wheat flour

When recipes call for plain flour, try using whole-wheat instead. As plain flour is refined, it tends to be less healthy. By switching to whole-wheat, you’ll make your desserts healthier and increase their fiber content. 

Using whole-wheat flour, rather than plain, can alter the texture of your dessert a little bit, in most cases, you’ll barely notice the difference. Practice in advance and you’ll have a good idea of how to make the switch before you are serving your guests. 

Choosing Healthy Desserts

When we are treating ourselves to a tasty dessert, it’s easy to choose things you know you love. However, you could be missing out on something even better! Be open to trying new dishes and flavors and you’ll find there are a wide range of healthy desserts to enjoy. 

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