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Losing Weight: The Three Main Mindsets

By Lyndsay @balancebrunette

Are you keen to start getting in shape and losing weight? Well, you’re not alone. A lot of people look at themselves in the mirror and wonder, how can I get things back the way they should be? You probably weren’t always overweight but time catches up with us all eventually and it could hit you. Even if you were beautifully slim through your thirties, forties, and fifties. 

A lot of people make the mistake of assuming that losing weight is for vanity and that we shouldn’t pressure people to change their natural figure. That’s understandable because this type of movement can cause other issues like fat shaming which isn’t helpful. However, the research is conclusive and it clearly points to one key finding. Losing weight will, in the majority of cases, help you improve your health. So, the question then becomes: how do I do this? There are a few different paths that you can take here and it is worth exploring a few of them. 

Losing Weight: The Three Main Mindsets

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What About If You Go On A Diet?

Good plan, but which diet exactly? There are many and they all have their fair share of experts and health professionals hoping that you’ll turn in that direction. From Atkins to Keto and even liquid diets, it can be difficult to know which way to turn. You might want to opt for an easy diet to follow and if that’s the case, the keto diet could be the right choice for you. You can start by finding the best keto bread and working your way to discovering all the foods that you can and can’t eat. Other diets are more complex like the paleo diet which is based on eating like a caveman. It could pay off but following it will be both difficult and expensive. 

What If You Workout?

Alternatively, you might want to think about planning a fierce exercise routine into your schedule. Yes, research shows that exercise can help you lose weight, but it won’t work as quickly for everyone as other people. It largely depends on your metabolism. Your metabolism is genetic. It determines how fast you can lose weight, put on weight and even build muscle. We’re not equally gifted in this area but there are steps you can take to change your metabolism. One of the simplest options would be to drink a cold glass of water in the morning. Believe it or not, this can be enough to kick start your body. You might also want to consider eating smaller meals more regularly. Just make sure those quantities are under control. 

Can You Cheat?

Let’s clear something up immediately. There’s no cheat for losing weight. That said there are alternatives that while still a lot of work provide additional support. Surgery is an option like having your stomach stapled or using a band to cut off an area of your stomach. Liposuction is more extreme and, make no mistake, these do come with their own negatives to be aware of. So make sure that you research this choice thoroughly before settling on it as the right possibility for you. 

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Losing Weight: The Three Main Mindsets

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