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Live The Luxx Life With Live Well 360 + Discount

By Lyndsay @balancebrunette

I have a confession to make.

I am obsessed with bags. Totes, clutches, shoulder purses, messenger bags, gym bags.. even the reusable bags from the grocery store. You should see my closet. I love it (boyfriend hates it)!

So when Fit Approach offered me the opportunity (as a #sweatpink ambassador) to use and review a Live Well 360 fitness bag, I said yes as quickly as I could! Seriously, I had poor internet at the time, but I was determined to hit reply.  Disclosure: **I received a Luxx bag from Live Well 360 at no cost to review on my blog. No monetary compensation was received. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.**

Live Well 360 Active Bag Luxx 4

Live Well 360 is a Santa Monica-based company that has reinvented fitness bags.

“Getting yourself to the gym is complicated enough. You want a quality fitness bag that knows what you need before you do and will stand up to your active lifestyle. Live Well 360 bags simplify your routine and your life” (website).

They currently offer four different bags:

  • Tote
  • Core
  • Accel
  • Luxx

I have the Luxx bag, so that’s the one I am going to focus on in this post.

Live Well 360 Active Bag Luxx 2

I am IN LOVE with my Luxx bag!! It comes in black, grey, or purple (I have grey). It has 11 compartments, which includes a fleece-lined pocket for your phone and keys, mesh compartment for your shoes, and a padded compartment for your laptop. Along with that, it has a mesh holder for your water bottle and straps on the front for a yoga mat.

Live Well 360 Active Bag Yoga Mat  Live Well 360 Active Bag Luxx Yoga

It doesn’t stop there. You can wear the Luxx as a short shoulder bag or a long shoulder bag (there is a removable long strap).  Plus, the inside is lined with inspirational words!

Live Well 360 Active Bag Luxx 5  Live Well 360 Active Bag Luxx 3

(Please disregard the excessive blurriness of this photo- I use my iPhone 4S!)

It wasn’t long before I took my bag everywhere with me. My first stop? The gym. I packed that baby with everything I could potentially use. There was A LOT in there, but it didn’t feel too heavy or uncomfortable!

Live Well 360 Active Bag Luxx   Live Well 360 Active Bag Reebok

This past weekend, my boyfriend (Tim) and I went hiking for our two year anniversary, and we took our puppy Archie. The hike through Eaton Canyon was going to be a little over 3 miles (we were also completing our #definebrave virtual 5k with Katie K Active), but we needed essentials for Tim, myself, and Archie. So we took the Luxx bag – packed with snacks, water, Archie’s food and potty bags, our phones, etc. – on our hike, and it was perfect!!

Live Well 360 Active Bag Hiking  Live Well 360 Active Bag Hiking Luxx

Again, it didn’t feel too heavy or uncomfortable. I was able to adjust the length of the strap, which was really helpful because Tim carried the bag a bit, too, and he is taller than me. It worked out great!

All in all, I am VERY satisfied with my Live Well 360 Luxx bag! It honestly exceeded my expectations. I didn’t realize how much easier certain aspects of my life would become with this bag.

Live Well 360 Active Bag Selfie

So here’s the deal:

Live Well 360 has partnered with Fit Approach (for this campaign) to offer a 15% discount on your purchase at! Whether you want something simple like the Tote, or something more “complex” like the Luxx, you’ll automatically get 15% off! You must go through this link to get the discount.

By the way, Archie says you should get a Live Well 360 fitness bag:

Live Well 360 Active Bag Dog

  • Do you have a Live Well 360 bag? If not, which one would you want the most?

  • What are your “must-haves” for a fitness bag? Comment below!

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